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Here's where you can express your views on the Hogs, or simply let out a Cyber-Sooie! Just type in your comments in the text field at the bottom of this page and click the submit button when finished. Be sure to include your first and last name (or initials, if you prefer) and the city and state in which you reside. New comments are posted as warranted.

Recent Forum Submissions

January 13

I don't know what D.K. from Bella Vista (below, Jan. 5) wants out of Jason Jennings' high school stats. We had the leading scorer ever from California at center, and look how that turned out. Jennings is averaging 29 points and 15 rebounds a game for an average high school team. He has outstanding hands for a big man, and actually looked in the summer like he could run the floor in the AAU games I saw. His post defense consists mainly of standing in the paint and blocking shots with his arm reach and height over smaller guys. That'S something he'll have to learn. But he should be able to bring in consistent offensive skills to the post. That's not to say D.K. isn'tperceptive about our inside needs. We need true power strength inside, and I don't believe we get that even from Hood. Unfortunately, of the top high school senior inside players, only Tulsa Washington's Ryan Humphrey apparently is still available. That would be a big addition if we could get him, but I think he's going to break everybody's heart just like Honeycutt, Ward, etc., and all the power forwards we hoped to get in the past. We spent a lot of energy, apparently for nothing, recruiting Chris Owens out of Dallas and Charles Hayward from Louisiana to fill our inside needs. They went elsewhere. And apparently we won't be looking in the JUCO ranks for a big man because of the NCAA deal.

J.H., Little Rock

January 10

Since the Hogs played good man-to-man defense in their victory at Auburn, I think Nolan should stick with the man-to-man and use the matchup zone defense only as a change-of-pace or surprise tactic. The only teams that I have seen do a good job with the matchup zone defense is Jon Chaney's Temple Owls and Jim O'Brien's Boston College team.

C.L., Atlanta, Ga.

January 7

I check here daily for any Razorback news and appreciate the new Morning News format. If anyone knows anything about football recruiting, please post it. Thanks for your help.

F.S., Dallas, Texas

January 5

I guess I missed why we moved the Alma Mater to the end of the ballgame. I heard that it was because it was not upbeat enough to keep the crow up at the start of a basketball game. For one, I miss it and think it should be dropped rather than played while the fans race out of the arena after a game.

B. Reid, Lake Tenkiller, Okla.

January 5

(To C.L., Jan. 1 below) I haven't seen Jennings play, but the word's out that this new center didn't put up too many points for being from a small Arkansas school. Jennings is a really big guy. I don't see where a slow 7-footer is going to contribute much with the Hogs' wide-open style of play. After the way Wilson looked in today's loss to Florida, though, I think Richardson will get the message and try some new bodies in the paint. Hopefully Coach will give Jennings a chance to prove me wrong.

D.K., Bella Vista

January 4

I don't agree with Mr. (Orville) Henry's assessment of this year's (basketball) team. I think the Hogs have the most talent of any team in the SEC outside of Kentucky. As for the Ole Miss game, the Hogs didn't play under control and Ole Miss played probably the game of their lives. If the Hogs played well and still lost the game by 17 points, then I'd be concerned. This team stumbled out of the blocks last year by losin' to Vandy at home, but they later went on to Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament. Therefore, this letdown is nothin' to worry about. Since the SEC West appears to be way down this year, I think the Hogs will win the division and make it to at least the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tourney again! GO HOGS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J.J., Tulsa, Okla.

January 3

How is football recruiting going? I heard that Akili Smith signed with OU. Is that correct? And what is the latest about the BYU offensive coordinator possibly being interested in coming to Arkansas?

G.W., Boulder, Colo.

January 1

Has anyone seen Jason Jennings (the 7-foot center from Bald Knob who recently signed with the Razorbacks) play? What are your impressions? In your opinion, what are his strengths and weaknesses?

C.L., Atlanta, Ga.