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Last Week's Readers' Poll Results

Question: The Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport Authority recently approved it first operational budget. The airport is under budget and construction is meeting deadlines. The first aircraft are expected to use the facility for the first time in 1998. Do you believe the airport will benefit you in future personal or business travel and transport?

Tremendously: 33.3%

Some: 33.3%

Not Much: 33.3%

None at All: 0%

Every Sunday, we'll pose a question regarding issues facing residents of Northwest Arkansas. Poll results will be posted the following Sunday. Deadline for submission is Noon CST Saturday.

This Week's Question:

Arkansas' state legislators have jumped on the Internet bandwagon with a new web site designed to allow constituents to read bills, easily access notices concerning upcoming meetings of interest, and even e-mail their representatives. Since you are reading this, odds are you'll make use of this service to some degree during the upcoming session. How often do you expect to use this new site to monitor legislative activity?

(The new site's address is Also see story on the news page for Sunday, Jan. 12.)

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