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We use a number of Apple Power Macintosh models as newspaper paginators, graphic design stations, workgroup servers and our web site station. We believe the MacOS is by far the superior operating system for nearly any kind of computer work.

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We use Netscape Navigator 3.0 to browse the World Wide Web. It is also the browser that best displays our site, and presently supports features such as multimedia and Java programming that we plan to add in the future. Microsoft's Internet Explorer is the next best option.

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Our goals

Our goal in providing this web site is not to win the Cool Site of the Day award, nor to see how many bells and whistles we can pack into one page. In other words, our goal is not to impress you.

Our goal is to inform you. This web site was established to provide our area, the rest of the nation and, indeed, the entire world with news and information about Northwest Arkansas. We do want your viewing experience to be enjoyable and will gladly assist if you have trouble viewing. Just e-mail us.

We fully intend to make this the most popular web site in Northwest Arkansas, and will do so by bucking current trends and focusing on useful, informative and entertaining content. We always welcome comments and suggestions. Viewer comments helped shape this site and will continue to do so.

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