20 Ideas For Care Packages That Will Make Someone's Day

by Anvika aryaAugust 8, 2022,
20 Ideas For Care Packages That Will Make Someone's Day

Recent experiences have taught me that the best moments are often those that catch you off guard (in a good way). These blips of joy are out of the blue, unexpected, and shift your circumstances for a moment. Providing small, meaningful tokens of your affection to those you love can be done through care packages.

There are no strict rules about what care packages should look like, and they can come in any shape or size. Essentially, they are quick reminders that you're thinking of the other person, that you're there for them, and that you care. These gifts don’t need to be big or extravagant. 

A thoughtful gift is always appreciated, and it doesn't matter if the recipient needs a pick-me-up because they're homeschooling their children and working full-time and have no time for themselves, or if they just aren't feeling well.

This week, why not make someone's day with a meaningful care package? Here are some ideas that can help you make someone's day (or maybe a week). Spread a little joy with one of these ideas.

1. Make A Friend's Day By Sending Flowers

You can pick up a bundle of them next time you stop by the grocery store or farmers' market and drop them off later. Simple as that.

Hot tip: If and when the topic of friends' favorite blooms comes up in conversation, make a mental (or phone) note of it. You'll find it handy for future reference! Honestly, this tip applies to most gifts.

2. Get A Plant Delivered

We are big fans of Bloomscapes plants and their large selection. In the past few months, I've given two as gifts, and I highly recommend them!

3. Handcrafted Bracelet

As a child of the '90s, you'll remember all you really needed for a fun afternoon was some colorful string, some strategically selected beads, some tape, scissors, and the knowledge of how to make friendship bracelets. A few of the Instagrammers I follow have crafted themselves handmade bracelets recently, and I still find the concept appealing.

4. Cook A Meal For Someone!

Target's cookware aisles indicate that most of us are cooking more at home than usual in the last few months. Prepare a meal for someone you love to save them the bother of cooking. Make their weeknight a little easier by delivering a ready-to-go meal to their doorstep.

5. Snacks

Provide them with an assortment of their favorite snacks in a package.

6. Take-Out

They can be ordered takeout from their favorite spot. Food is clearly on my mind, but these are all great choices.

7. Let Your Presence Be A Gift To Them

Reach out to a friend, schedule a meeting time, and keep your commitment. I've learned the value of human connection over the past few years. The other thing I have learned is that even if someone doesn't reach out, it doesn't mean they aren’t interested in seeing you. Sometimes it means they are the ones most in need of some interaction.

8. Get Them A Headspace Subscription

Is there someone you know who could benefit from a mental health day? Perhaps they need some time devoted to their mental health every day. Consider giving them Headspace as a gift. As someone who has used the app for years, I see a noticeable difference in how readily I can let stressors pass right through when I use it regularly.

9. Prepare A Self-Care Package

Self-care, I know. It's a sentiment that is overused, often presented as an immediate and idyllic cure for whatever ails you. In reality, taking care of ourselves isn't always immediate or idyllic, but it can make a real difference, even if the results aren't always apparent immediately. 

Choose whatever you think they'll enjoy the most, whether it's a face mask, a candle, or maybe a luxurious body oil. Almost everyone needs some relaxation now and then (don't we?)

10. Provide A Grocery Bag With Essentials

We’re talking about groceries most of us require in daily life - of course, the package should be customized to the recipient. A few such items could be milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits, or yogurt. Anyone with a busy and hectic daily life schedule would appreciate receiving this gift.

11. Make Them A Wine Gift

Why not throw in a little cheese as well? What about a little chocolate as well?

12. Craft Beer

If craft beer is more their style, bring it. Be sure to include some beer snacks as well! Regardless of what beer snacks they prefer! What about pretzels? Chips? Maybe some dip to accompany the chips? About right, I think.

13. A Favorite Cocktail

Make them a cocktail at home with the ingredients they like and include a recipe card with instructions.

14. Favorite Coffee Order

During the week, bring over their favorite coffee order to their doorstep.

15. Office Supplies

Send some particularly eye-catching office supplies to anyone who's currently working from home - post-its, notepads, colorful pens, etc. At first glance, this idea might seem boring, but I know many people who want to maintain a fully stocked home office but can’t get around to it. Post-its can be an excellent tool for planning and scheming.

16. Order A Care Package

Order a care package from Minny & Paul, a local small business, if you want someone else to do the work for you. Here's a custom boxes full of local treats that I love.

17. Book Bundle

Bundle up a few books from their favorite genres and give them as a gift. Pick some of their favorite ones, which could make the perfect gift.

18. A Sentimental Package

Print a few favorite memories and send the photos on a handwritten card. You can send this package to anyone who appreciates the sentiment, and it's pretty much guaranteed to make them smile. Despite the convenience of digital photos, having a physical photo around the house can be a nice memento.

19. Favorite Dessert

If they are craving dessert after dinner or in the middle of the afternoon, bake their favorite dessert to enjoy.

20. Table Top Games

Give them a package of old-fashioned items to keep them busy. Here we are talking about an old-school board game, a crossword puzzle, or a deck of cards. Sometimes getting back to basics means putting away our phones and Netflix accounts.

If you are the one in need of a care package- feeling fatigued or overburdened lately, you might want to understand more about overwork and its impact on us.

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