Top 4 Best Plumbing Tools for Plumbers

by Anvika aryaFebruary 5, 2021
Top 4 Best Plumbing Tools for Plumbers

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PEX Pocket Crimper

The advantages of Pex’s plumbing systems are many: fewer 90-degree elbows and quicker installation are perhaps the greatest advantages. They are all less costly. Today PEX systems are being used more commonly in residential homes, cottages, campers, and some commercial applications. It's safe to say that PEX is here to stay for most DIY homeowners. It can be easily repaired or installed, but the right tools are needed. The superior tool has the answer and a small, inexpensive tool, introducing the PEX Pocket Crimer the convenient cost-effective tool that makes work quick and easy. The PEX is designed to accommodate three eighth-inch, half-inch, and three-quarter-inch standard copper pecs ring to meet an STM F 1807 specification. 

Making a crimp is easy. Simply slide a ring over the pecs tubing and insert your fitting with the copper ring positioned over the barbs on the fitting. center the two halves of the pocket crimper over the ring with your standard 10 inch locking pliers squeezed the tool closed in four or five stages. When the crimp is properly done. A piece of paper cannot be slipped between the jaws at the closest point. Now test the crimp with the gauge. The go gauge should slide onto the fitting with ease. The no go gauge must not slide over the fitting. If it does, the tubing must be recut and the joint made once again. Made in the USA of solid hardened alloy steel and backed with a lifetime guarantee the pecs pocket crimper never needs adjustments. 

It's compact design will let you crimp and tight spaces like under the sink or behind walls. It will even work well with common two inch manifolds. The pegs pocket crimper comes with a convenient pouch for storage. It's pocket sized so you can store it in your toolbox or right in your back pocket. The superior tool packs pocket crimper the quick, easy and cost effective way to get the job done. 

Cobra Plunger

Introducing the new Cobra plunger: it’s designed to tackle tough clogs in high efficiency, low flow and standard toilets. Toilets are categorized by the amount of water they consume with each flush based on water conservation standards. 1.6 gallons per flush or less is considered a low flow toilet, while 1.28 gallons or less per flush is considered a high efficiency toilet. And if you have an older fixture made before 1994 it could use as much as 3.5 gallons per flush or more. 

Low flow and high efficiency toilets are good for the environment, but they don't always get the job done and you may be faced with a clog. This is when you need plunger a professional strength plunger to solve the problem. What makes this plunger different from other plungers on the market. The steps to operate plungers are common to any plunger. But the unique design and playability of this force cup makes this plunger effective in clearing clogs. The flange can be positioned over multiple styles of trap ways creating a better seal to give you more leverage and power over the clog. The plunger is made of non marking durable rubber so it will not damage your toilet during use. 

And best of all, it has a durable non absorbent white handle that stores attractively in your bathroom. So if you're having problems clearing clogs with your standard plunger, grab a plunger with professional strength, performance and durability. You can find plunges along with other Cobra products at your local home improvement store.

Superior Tool 

The Superior Tool s all about showing simpler ways to handle home repairs, what works and how to get stuff done. Superior Tools introduced a new product which helps you remove broken threads. If you were tightening, loosening or installing a new shower arm and that arm with the thin wall construction breaks off leaving thread inside the coupling, the question you're searching is how do I remove that thread so I can reinstall my shower.

Well with this new tool from Superior, you take it and put it inside the thread behind the wall in the water coupling, give it a light tap just so you set the teeth and then with a wrench back to thread out in a counterclockwise motion. It's as simple as that. And you can see the thread is removed and you're ready to install your new shower arm and shower head. This makes plumbers lives easier and more convenient.

Pro Lock 

A revolutionary twist a lock system brought to you by Shark Bite, the leader in push to connect plumbing systems. Pro lock is a versatile and innovative plumbing system engineered specifically for use of shark bite pert and pecks pipe. It's intuitive design makes for one of the simplest and most dependable fittings on the market. No tools are required to make up a connection. So when you've got pipe cutters, you're ready to get the job done with prologue. With a 25 year warranty, full code compliance and the patented twist lock feature you will never second guess a connection.

Unlike other plumbing fittings, Pro Lock can be rotated after connections are made to allow for the perfect alignment of stub outs and stop valves. And if you ever need to adjust a fitting, simply twist the locking cover. Press the call it with two fingers and remove the pipe. Not only is it simple, but it's strong.

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