5 reasons: why you need branded custom boxes for your products?

by Anvika aryaDecember 30, 2022
branded custom boxes

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Reasons for using branded custom boxes for products

As the world is growing and every internet and social media site is flooded with so much content. Every brand is fighting for its position in the market. But the best way to use branded custom boxes for their products will give them a unique look. It’s getting tougher and tougher for every other brand to stay in their appropriate place and customers locked in here. Therefore, it is very important to make the customer’s post-purchase experience a truly memorable one. Because this thing will not only help the customers to remember your brand but force them to visit again and again at your brand. As there is a famous line: our product boxes are great enough to bring our customers back. So, there is a condition that if you have branded custom boxes, there are chances that your products will sell themselves at their best.

However, it is important to note that you are not only selling your products to your customers but also to your whole brand. Therefore, it is very important to make your first impression a great impression.  Because you cannot have a second chance to give your first impression. So, your branded packaging boxes are the greatest way to make your first impression a great one. Your brand boxes are simply a way to translate your strategy as a packaging company. Branded boxes are a unique way to attract an audience in terms of designs and experiences. In short, it is a way to remember you as a unique brand for your customers. Your branded boxes have many properties like it is a way to give your customers high-quality material with a great unboxing experience. So, these things do make your branded boxes more expensive than regular unprinted simple boxes.

Importance of branded custom boxes for products:

Your branded packaging is like an investment in your brand for better results in tremendous ways. You just cannot ignore the product that is packed in a unique and attractive box. whether you are up for buying anything else. But if you enter a brand and their branded packaging boxes products attract your attention, you cannot resist them.

branded custom boxes

So here are five reasons why your brand should have boxes that can attract customers easily:

Branded boxes will influence the customers:

According to some reports, about 75% of customers say that they will get great influence by the branded packaging. This can influence their buying decision, as whenever they enter a shop the things that will catch their eye, they will buy them. So, your product packaging boxes should look appealing as the visual aspect of your packaging is the first thing that your customer will notice. So, the more you stand out by your branded boxes the more your brand will have customers.

Moreover, the use of bright colors and distinct tones and shades can also invoke the feelings of customers. These things will defiantly influence the perception of your customers about your products. Moreover, the fact that about 95% of the customers will judge the products based on the colors of their boxes.

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Branded boxes will bring your customers back to your shop:

Branded boxes can better help you hold your customer’s ground and build brand loyalty. As there are thousands of brands in the world, but customers love to spend money in your shop just because they know you. So, for this purpose, brands should need more than just a great product and their boxes, so your customers keep on choosing you. Your branded boxes can also help you to build a relationship even as an online store. Additionally, if you are offering customization techniques according to the customer’s choices, you can extend your sale up to 70% more. So, giving your product a premium look just by giving them a customized look is something that can help you to achieve your goals.

Branded packaging: a medium to communicate with your customers:

Your box is one of the best locations to put down your brand story. It’s like your box is a great way to communicate with your customers without any outside distractions. If you want to tell your customers a unique story you have to write it down on your box. Because it is one of the first things that your customer will see. Additionally, if you are adding a thank you note with your product inside the box, you can make your customer feel special. It will help you to give them a feeling that they belong to you and your brand community.

branded custom boxes

While some brands even choose to add information on NGOs to show that they are supporting them and they want their customers to contribute as well. It’s not always that your customers need a welcomer to talk to you. Sometimes, when you are using unique packaging with add-ons such as embossing, you are telling your customers a great story. Therefore, it is simply no reason to regret your product when your packaging is branded. Because a little creativity or care can be your game changer for a brand. So, it will create a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

A branded box will give free publicity:

Having a high-quality boxing and unboxing experience for your customers will give you a way to stand out among others. With it, your customers will not hesitate or think for a second to tell others about you. According to some research, almost 60% of customers are more likely to tell their friends about you when they receive their products in branded boxes. Moreover, some of the customers will love to share their unboxing experience on their social media. This will act as the best marketing tool to influence people and force them to come to your shop. So, your branded boxes will not only help you to attract customers but also create a sense of trust for your customers.

Summing up

So, your branded custom boxes are always a way to tell your brand story in a great way. No matter, how your products are if you are giving your customers a better look. So, just by your boxes, they will love to come and add things to their carts.

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