A Guide to Corporate Event Planning and Event Company Kenya

by Anvika aryaDecember 29, 2022
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Corporate events are important to most companies. They help build team spirit, boost morale and provide an opportunity for informal meetings between management and employees. In addition, many studies have shown the value of corporate event in strengthening company brands, driving sales, and creating a sense of community among employees.

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What is a Corporate Event?

A corporate event is a planned gathering of employees and customers to promote the company and build goodwill. Such events can take many forms and may include but are not limited to the following:

- Annual Staff Meetings -

These events are often held on the last working day of the financial year to provide an opportunity for staff to review the year's activities. Plan for the next year and review the achievements of colleagues and managers. Some companies hold these events twice a year to provide an opportunity for staff to review the year's activities. Plan for the next year and review the achievements of their colleagues and managers. 

- Open Houses -

This event is usually held in residential areas to allow employees to interact with customers and explore the community. Some companies have these events in public places, while others host them in employees' homes. 

- Cocktail Parties -

These events are usually held for clients and business partners. While the purpose is to allow guests to get to know each other and build business relationships, they may also serve as a setting for informal meetings between managers and employees.

- Company Picnics -

These are usually held outdoors and are informal events where employees can relax and unwind. They may take the form of a team-building outing, a fun outing for staff with their families, or a break from the usual work routine.

- Team-building Events -

Companies often organize team-building activities for employees to help them develop new skills and find new ways to think. Some companies also use them to help employees bond and get to know one another better.

Why do companies hold events?

The answer to this question is important because it will help determine the type of event your company will hold. For example, if most of your employees are women, you can organize an event focusing on women's issues and concerns. If most of your employees are men, you can hold an event focusing on men's issues and concerns.

If your company specializes in event organizers in a certain industry sector, you can hold an event focusing on your clients' and customers' issues and concerns. If your company is expanding and needs to recruit new employees. Consider having an event focusing on job-hunting tips and advice.

Types of Corporate Events

- Cultural -

These types of events are meant to promote the culture of the company and the community. They may include a sports day, a music night, or a movie screening. 

- Charity -

Some companies partner with certain charities or cause-related organizations to sponsor charity events. The company may provide the venue, supports the event, or contribute a portion of the proceeds it earns from the event. 

- Fundraising -

These events are usually held to raise funds for a specific cause or charity. They may include a concert, a sporting event, or a quiz night. 

- Community -

Most companies hold community events to promote the community and the city/town they operate in. They may include community clean-up days, community service projects, and food drives.

Bottom line

The bottom line of this article is that corporate events are a great way to strengthen your brand, create a more inclusive work environment, and build stronger relationships with clients and customers. The key to a successful event is to choose a relevant theme, choose a venue that reflects your brand and invite guests who will add value to your event.

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