A Handy Guide To Getting An Instant Personal Loan In Chennai

by Anvika aryaJanuary 9, 2023,
Personal Loan In Chennai

Personal loans can be very beneficial in times of need and financial difficulty. In personal loans, you will only need to provide a minimum amount of documentation, and no collateral is required. Since almost all banks, non-banking financial institutions, and personal loan companies are aggressively promoting instant personal loan in Chennai. If you intend to apply for a personal loan in Chennai, you will find that there are several eligibility requirements, terms and conditions, which can result in a delay in the process of obtaining the loan. 

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Listed below is the guide to getting an instant personal loan in Chennai in a hassle-free manner

Apply online for personal in Chennai

Online applications for a personal loan in Chennai are the fastest and most secure way for individuals to receive a personal loan in Chennai. After submitting all the necessary information and uploading the documents, you will receive a confirmation message from the lender. The lender will reject or approve your loan application once it has verified the information on your profile and submitted documents. Furthermore, you will receive all the updates on your loan application through your e-mails and messages. The loan approval takes a week typically to complete after submitting all the essential documents. The disbursement will take 1-2 days to be processed once approved. 

Keep your credit score high

You can use a credit score to determine whether or not you are creditworthy. A credit score above 700 is generally considered a good score, but a credit score higher than 750 can be an added advantage when obtaining a cheap personal loans. It is, therefore, necessary for you to have a good credit score to get your loan approved. The most important consideration that the lenders take when evaluating your profile, especially for personal loans, since, they are unsecured loans that won't require any collateral on the part of the loan lenders. Thus, when approving a loan, the primary factors considered are the income you earn and how well you repay your credit. In the case of good credit, the lender finds your profile low-risk; thus, there is a lower chance that you will default on the loan repayment in the future.

Maintain a healthy balance in your account

When lenders look at your loan repayment capacity, they check to see if you maintain a good average monthly balance. An average monthly balance is determined by adding the closing balances of all the days and dividing them by the total number of days in that month. Therefore, if you maintain an overall positive balance in your account, banks will consider lending you since that shows you have an excellent ability to pay back the loan. Additionally, maintain an average balance of at least six months in your savings account. Banks can provide hassle-free instant personal loans and pre-qualified and pre-approved loans. 

Make sure all documents are ready

Before applying for a personal loan in Chennai, ensure you have all the essential documents prepared. Since this is an unsecured loan, it does not require a lot of documents. There are, however, a few things that you should look into before applying for the loan. You should check the lender's official website portal or ask a bank representative for a list of necessary documents. Keeping all important documents handy is essential to speed up the loan approval process.


You might find that getting a personal loan in Chennai is not as easy as you think it might seem, but following all the tips listed above will help you get a personal loan approved promptly. Although you are in a hurry to apply for a personal loan, it is advised that you do not apply in a hurry to get one. Instead, you should research to find out which lender you are eligible for and which meets your requirements best. Monthly EMI and interest on your total loan amount can be calculated using the EMI calculator and interest calculator. 

Furthermore, it is advised that you should read all the terms and conditions and all the charges in advance, as well as the pre-payment charges, processing fees, and foreclosure charges so that you don't face any unpleasant surprises later on.

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