Affordable Car Insurance Plan With Us – Bajaj: Here’s How!

by aleiday rjanssenMay 18, 2023
Third Party car insurance

Looking for a pocket-friendly car insurance policy that comes with sufficient coverage? We have exactly what you are looking for. You can get car insurance with sufficient coverage without paying a high premium amount. The simple solution is to buy a lower base car insurance policy and opt for add-on covers for wider coverage. This will cost you less. 

Let us tell you more about the add-on covers you buy with your car insurance policy from Bajaj. Here are the available add-on covers that you can purchase along with your car insurance policy from Bajaj:

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Car Insurance Add-on Covers

Engine Protector

Any damage caused that results in the car's engine breakdown is not covered under a car insurance plan. However, if you buy an add-on cover – An engine protector then the engine repair cost will be covered under this. 

Zero Depreciation Cover

This cover is also known as a bumper-to-bumper cover. With this cover, you can nullify the depreciation cost involved in the claim settlement. This cover allows you to receive the full claim amount stated in the policy documents. In addition, the cost of the depreciation of the value of the spare parts is also covered. 

Key & Lock Assistance

Key & lock assistance cover covers the loss related to a damaged or lost key. And not only the lost/damaged car keys are covered, but the entire lock system is. 

Personal Accident Cover (mandatory)

This cover is considered an add-on benefit and provides coverage for both owner and the driver in case of any damages caused due to an accident. The insurance provider takes care of medical expenses for your healthcare. 

CNG Kits

Customers can buy an add-on cover like CNG kits to be fitted externally/internally by paying a low premium. 

Conveyance Benefits

This add-on cover is for the duration when your car is in service. Your daily commute by public conveyance will be covered under this cover. This is applicable when your car is in servicing post-accidental damage & breakdown. 

24x7 Assistance

The add-on cover is among the most useful covers. Suppose you are travelling by car and there is a sudden breakdown in the middle of the road or an accident that leaves your car in a damaged position. You can rely on this 24x7 assistance cover provided by third party car insurance since it will provide you services like tyre change, battery change, towing, etc.

Consumables Expenses

Consumable car items are nuts & bolts, grease, AC gas, lubricants, engine oil, distilled water, brake oil, oil filter, etc. A car insurance policy does not cover these items, but with this add-on cover, you get coverage for the same in case these items are lost or damaged due to an accident. 

Personal Baggage

This can also be an important add-on cover to consider. It protects you against the loss of your baggage/luggage if in case you lose them, they are damaged in an accident or are stolen from inside the vehicle.


With these add-on covers, you can buy a low-premium insurance plan and still enjoy the benefits of wide coverage. If you have any queries or want to know more about the insurance covers, you can visit our Bajaj Finserv and get complete details or buy the plan without any hassles. 

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