All about the Radisson Blu Resort Maldives

by Anvika aryaJanuary 1, 2023
Radisson Blu Resort Maldives

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Unwind in the private pool of your property.

After a day in the sun, our villas provide you with a tranquil hideaway that is surrounded by ocean views. Earth tones and tranquil wood finishes allow each property to capture the tranquility of the beach. Make use of features including complimentary Wi-Fi, a private pool, a minibar, and an espresso maker. In Radisson blu resort Maldives, you can upgrade to a roomy suite for extra advantages like a living room, dining area, or balcony.

The villa-style lodgings provide the best of island living with private pools, breathtaking ocean views, and 24-hour room service, whether you're traveling to the Maldives for world-class snorkeling and diving activities or to spend your honeymoon with your spouse. Reserve a beachfront villa to have easy access to the beautiful beach. Every villa has thoughtful features like sun loungers, outdoor decks, and dual vanity counters. Each morning, start with a complimentary breakfast and an espresso.

Young people under 12 stay free of charge. Furthermore, we don't recommend that kids less than 12 stay in the overwater lodgings. You must sign a declaration at check-in if you want to stay in an overwater residence with kids less than 12.

About the Radisson Blu Resort Maldives, Room types

overwater villa with pool

With breathtaking views, a private balcony, an overwater hammock, and simple access to the crystal-clear ocean waves, the overwater villa allows you to get in touch with island life. Watch your preferred show on IPTV while sunbathing in a comfortable chair or taking a break from the sun. A walk-in closet, a bed, a sofa, a vanity kit, double vanity counters, and IDD phones are further standard features.

overwater villa with pool - sunset view

Make your tropical dream a reality by staying in our lovely villa, where you can spend the day relaxing by the pool or on the overwater hammock while the colorful Maldives sky sets in the background. Two vanity counters, a daybed, a sofa, and a walk-in closet with a bathrobe and slippers are all included in the standard amenities.

Beachfront villa with pool - ocean view

Sit back and relax on the villa's sun porch while drinking your coffee. Before visiting one of the resort's restaurants, take a moment to freshen up in the bathroom, which has a bathtub, a rain shower, and a dual vanity counter. It is furnished in a modern style. Before heading to one of the resort's restaurants, freshen up in the bathroom, which features a bath, a rainfall shower, and a dual vanity counter.  An IPTV, a sofa, a bed, a vanity kit, IDD phones, and outside lounge chairs are additional common features.

Two-bedroom family beachfront villa

Give your loved ones a vacation to remember in this family-friendly villa with two separate bedrooms, breathtaking ocean views, and easy beachfront access. Watch the children as they play in the personal infinity pool while you relax. Sit down on the comfortable sofa or daybed if your family movie night involves IPTV for your evening enjoyment. There are all the usual conveniences, such as a walk-in closet and a deck with chairs outside.

Two-bedroom beachfront suite

Enjoy the convenience of easy access to our resort's world-class beaches and abundant space to spread out in this two-bedroom suite as you take in island life. A private deck with lots of chairs and an infinity pool lets you enjoy your entertainment outside. Take a break from the sun by lying on the sofa with a cup of tea or curling up on the bed to watch anything on the IPTV. Every common amenity is provided.

Three-bedroom overwater villa with pool

This overwater home has three bedrooms, an outside deck, and an overwater hammock from which you can see the unspoiled splendor of the Indian Ocean. Your company will have plenty of room to sit down on the sofa and daybed, and room service makes it simple to get cool drinks whenever you want. There is enough space for your group to get ready for a night out thanks to a bathroom that is well-equipped with a twin vanity counter, a rain shower, and a bathtub. A walk-in closet and other common amenities are included.

Three-bedroom family beachfront villa

Retire to this warm villa with breathtaking beach views after a deep-water snorkeling excursion on our home reef. A large outside deck with chairs and a private infinity pool are among the thoughtful features of the modern design. Do you need something to chill you off? Grab a cold drink from the minibar or place a room service order for a cool cocktail. Every common amenity is provided.

Three-bedroom beachfront suite

Enjoy your island vacation to the fullest in this oceanfront suite. Which features breathtaking views of the ocean, a private infinity pool, and easy beach access. Three separate bedrooms provide solitude for your company, and double vanity countertops give you more room to get ready. There are no additional fees, and there is a sizable exterior deck with lounge seats.

Presidential overwater suite

For your special occasion, enjoy our Presidential Water Villa, a magnificent two-level indoor and outdoor space. With three bedrooms and a large living room with a glass floor to observe the aquatic life below, all with ocean views. Enjoy a sumptuous floating breakfast in the roomy infinity pool after working out in the private gym. Enjoy a relaxing day by relaxing in your private spa, taking a spa soak outside. Or tanning on the large deck. Our Executive Chef is prepared to create a bespoke wine-pairing menu for your private dinner, complete with a kitchenette and dining space.

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