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by Anvika aryaJanuary 2, 2023
pawna lake

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 You only need to go camping in Maharashtra if the excited megacity life becomes too important for you. Take a break and relax in a serene haven girdled by high mountains and lakes. With lots of horselaugh, a many drinks, and a sizzling regale, you can spend a starry night on the banks of the Pavana levee at Pavana, a veritably popular camping area in Maharashtra. 

 Kolad, a city in Maharashtra, is the ideal camping destination that will charm you with its graphic setting on the banks of the Kundalika River. You can engage in thrilling conditioning like water rafting, voyaging, and pulling then. Another fascinating camping point in Maharashtra where you can set up camp in a delv is the Gorakhgad Fort. 

 Rather than sticking with the norm, boarding in a delve

tthen's magical as you explore the area around the 100- time-old stronghold. So what are you staying for? Set out on an adventure in the green havens of nature after packing your packs. Spend the nights in a casino, roof, or cabin positioned in a receptacle and girdled by undulating hills for endless hours of fun. Explore a different way to spend weekends with your significant other, musketeers, or family by boarding at any of the ensuing locales in Maharashtra. 

Camping at Pawna Lake Highlights 

The hutment is located on the props of Pawna Lake and girdled by mountains and lush foliage. 

 From the comfort of your well- equipped canopies, observe the mysterious denes

 of the Western Ghats. 

 Enjoy a Holi party with natural colours and the Rain cotillion when you bespeak a specific option. 

Snack on tasteful regale dishes while enjoying a campfire in the evening. 

This beautiful hutment is girdled by misty Western Ghat dene and is set in a lush green setting along Pawna Lake's reinforcement. The propinquity of multitudinous sightseer destinations, including Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort,Yatch sailing in Mumbai,  enhances the setting at Pawna Lake. This beautiful destination near Lonavala & Khandala is a great place to spend a comforting weekend because of the tranquil view and lush green surroundings. 

 Crucial Features of the Kundalika Rafting Camp 

 In Kolad's tranquil and lush surroundings, take pleasure in this pleasurable camping exertion with your loved bones


 Swash rafting, kayaking, cushion boats, and banana boat lifts are among the audacious conditioning you can partake in. 

 Sit around a bonfire at your campground near the Kundalika River in the moonlight. 

Kundalika Rafting Camp 

 The Kundalika Rafting Camp will appeal to anyone seeking adventure amid lush natural retreats. Because it's only a many hours' drive from Mumbai, it's the favored position for all adventure campaigners. Play a variety of games at the campground to cheer yourself on. With the option of two or three participated bases, there are comfortable canopies available. Take a moment to decompress and delight this ideal flight from the routine of diurnal life. 

 Highlights of Bhandardara Camping 

 The hutment is close to Arthur Lake and encircled by the lush foliage of Murshet Village, a must- visit position. 

 Sleep in plush canopies that come equipped with mattresses, pillows, and robes to keep you warm. 

 Take in the tranquilly of the surroundings and the extensive views of the lake at evening by taking a tardy boat lift. 

 Spend the evening enjoying a campfire, live music, and tasteful snacks. 

 Due to its stunning surroundings, which include hills, falls, and locales like the Wilson Dam and Arthur Lake, Bhandardara is a well- liked sightseer destination. You and your loved bones

 will have a awful and comforting time boarding at Bhandardara Lake. 

 Highlights of Camping at Alibaug Beach 

 Enjoy a fun- filled deepwater camping adventure while Alibaug sand's beauty calms your mind. 

 Stay in canopies that are cozy, aseptic, and have a stunning view of the sand and the vast Arabian Sea. 

 Games played indoors and outside and a warm campfire with music can make your stay more pleasurable. 

 View a Bollywood film outside with a projector and speakers. 

 When you go boarding in Alibaug, enjoy stirring views of the sun setting over the water to soothe your soul and mind. Enjoy a nature retreat down from the hustle and bustle of the megacity at this remote section of bank. 

 The Alibaug campground is only 14 km from the machine stop and 30 km from the Mandwa quay point, making it the ideal weekend flight for people from near stations. 

Vaitarna Camping Highlights 

 Kayaking, rafting, and tubing are just a many of the water sports you can try out in Vaitarna Lake. 

 Enjoy an amazing get- together with your musketeers and family while watching a cosy campfire in the middle of a lake. 

 Take a quick perambulation through the near jungle and behold the stirring beauty of the area. 

 Take a break from your regular schedule by subscribing up for the camping trip near Mumbai. The campground is positioned directly along a lake that's close to the Vaitarna swash. The Vaitarna Camping point is the closest option if you are searching for the ideal camping position close to Mumbai. From Mumbai, it's only a1.5- hour drive. Enjoy multitudinous water sports at the camp ground, including a darkness journey through the jungle. 

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