Among the best liver transplant programs in the world is in India

by Kim GreeneApril 3, 2023,
liver transplant

The liver, which weighs about three pounds and is the biggest organ in the human body, supports the body's different metabolic processes. Without a healthy liver, there would be no such thing as life. It is a vital gland that carries out complex tasks like digesting lipids, making protein, absorbing minerals, etc.

There is a lengthy waiting list to get a cheap liver donation cost in India because liver transplant is a complicated process and it is frequently difficult to find an appropriate fit for your liver transplant treatment.

Shinon Global is a reputable medical tourism company in India that collaborates with physicians and qualified medical staff who have more than two decades of experience treating patients successfully. Each year in India, our experts conduct more than 5000 successful liver transplants. They have a lot of expertise conducting various kinds of liver transplants in India, all of which have excellent success rates.

What are the indications that you need a liver transplant in India?

In India, a liver transplant involves a procedure in which the physician removes the patient's diseased or failing liver and replaces it with a healthy liver. When your liver has become too weak to perform its duties or when you have experienced liver failure and there is no mechanical substitute for your liver, liver transplant procedure is your only choice for returning your body to normal.

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  1. Liver Failure Acute

The primary cause of this abrupt pain attack may be hepatic insufficiency, which gets worse when a patient sustains an injury, consumes poisonous substances, or contracts a viral illness.

The primary sign that is apparent is the skin's yellowing. A patient may occasionally have a history of another type of liver illness, such as hepatitis C, and then abruptly experience a startling decline in liver function. If you have experienced acute liver failure, it is not a good idea to wait weeks or months for a liver donation because, in contrast to chronic liver failure, waiting for the transplant has a significant risk of leading to the patient's mortality.

  1. Chronic Liver Failure

Chronic liver failure develops more gradually than acute liver failure and can occasionally take years before signs become obviously noticeable. Our liver can regenerate itself after an injury, but there comes a moment where it can no longer do so, leading to the final step of scarring known as cirrhosis. Cirrhosis develops when the liver loses its ability to heal itself repeatedly after suffering damage.

Surgery is the last option if a patient wants to live a life with a healthy liver, even though medication can help to lessen the pain and distress caused by liver failure. Other factors, such as viral hepatitis, metabolic liver disease, hereditary liver disease, etc. can also contribute to persistent liver failure. At Shinon Global, our doctors are highly skilled at determining the precise cause of your liver failure and performing the best operation in accordance with that diagnosis at an affordable liver transplant cost in India.

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