Best Time To Visit Dubai For Honeymoon Couples

by Luna johnsonAugust 14, 2023
Best Time To Visit Dubai

Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates’ dazzling gems, offers honeymoon couples a luxury experience to celebrate their honeymoon. Famous for its towering skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, and world-renowned attractions, Dubai provides couples with a great destination to make good memories and spend time together. However, the most important question is what is the best time to visit Dubai.

In general, deciding on the best time of the best season to visit Dubai majorly depends on what experiences couples want to enjoy. Although several key considerations must also be considered when planning a honeymoon in Dubai. Due to its desert climate, scorching summers, and mild winters, weather is important in choosing an appropriate time.

Honeymooners often look for pleasant temperatures to have the most out of their Dubai trip. Generally, the best month to Visit Dubai for your honeymoon is November to April. So this will save you from Dubai’s intense summer heat. During this period, you can enjoy a great number of outdoor activities and also events, including New Year’s Eve. So winter is a great time to book Dubai Tour Packages for Couples.

Let’s check in detail about the best time to visit, season, or month.

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The Best Time To Visit Dubai from India

Dubai does not have the classic four seasons, but three travel seasons are worth considering before traveling there. If you prefer off-beat routes and wish to participate in adventures, travel during the off-season. If crowd-following is your style, then peak season is the best choice. However, choose the shoulder season in Dubai for an affordable yet relaxing travel experience. Here, we mentioned all the seasons and the best weather to visit Dubai.

Peak Season

When considering the best season to visit Dubai, it is important to know about the peak season. So the peak season is from November to April. During this period, the winter and spring months, several travelers plan Dubai vacations. So travelers take advantage of the ideal weather conditions here and also take part in and attend some of the great events. Hence, the peak season is expensive and also crowded to visit. Dubai’s peak season offers ideal weather for exploring all that Dubai has to offer weather-wise and enjoying all its outdoor experiences. 

Dubai will have something suitable for every visitor during this period. From events, activities, and experiences for both leisure travelers to adventure seekers, or to those who feel to enjoy the events and shopping. You can find everything in Dubai during this period. Hence, all of us consider this to be the best time to visit Dubai. 

Shoulder Season 

The next best weather to visit Dubai is the spring season which is also the shoulder season. So the shoulder season is between the peak season and off-season. Spring (April/May), as well as fall (September/October), are ideal months in which to escape Dubai’s scorching sun and also winter temperatures.

Low Season

The low season in Dubai is not the best time to visit Dubai. Dubai’s scorching summer temperatures make the desert city’s summer low season. Also, travel-wise it can be one of its cheapest seasons from June through August. So if you can tolerate the intense heat, you can plan your holiday. Also, during this period, there are no options to take part in outdoor activities. 

Yet, there are other indoor entertainment options. For example, you can tour the Dubai Underwater Zoo, then go snow skiing in Ski Dubai, try indoor skydiving, and also consider visiting waterparks. If you don’t prefer outdoor activities, then you should plan your holiday in the low season. 

Cheapest & Expensive Time To Visit Dubai

Summer Season is the cheapest time to visit Dubai. Travelers generally want to avoid the scorching heat of Dubai. Hence, they don’t plan their vacation during this period. The flight tickets, hotels, and also Dubai packages are also cheaper and become affordable as well.

Similarly, the expensive time is the best time to visit Dubai, that is the winter season as there is high demand from tourists and people from all over the world plan their holiday. Hotel availability also becomes an issue. 


So this is all about when is the best time to visit Dubai for your honeymoon. The final choice depends on the couple’s activities and preferences, budgets, and the type of experiences they want. Whatever time you choose to travel, it is important to make advance bookings so that you can have hassle-free travel. Plan your honeymoon with Roaming Routes and get the best Dubai honeymoon packages, starting at just Rs 38,500/-

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