Chakra Jewelry- best gift for your loved ones.

by Luna johnsonApril 21, 2023
Gemstone jewelry

In the field of gemstones and jewelry, Chakra jewelry has won a lot of trust from jewelry lovers all over the world due to its divine and magical powers. Although moonstone jewelry, amethyst jewelry, etc., all gemstone jewelry is revered for its amazing and powerful healing properties, especially its essence is off limits.

Whether it's accelerating the process of achieving goals and objectives or living a happy and healthy life, chakra jewelry can truly allow you to explore the path of transformation.

Many people sometimes see this cult trend of adorning themselves with chakra jewelry as religious propaganda. However, this misconception couldn't be further from the truth. So let's try to find all these answers in this complete guide to chakra jewelry.

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Chakra Meaning

The sacred word chakra, translated as "wheel of time", is derived from Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages ​​in the world. According to ancient Indian mystics, these sacral chakras are seven rotating discs that run along the spine. Proper alignment of these chakras is associated with optimal emotional and physical health.

It is the chakras that control the flow of energy in the body. Positive and negative external vibrations also affect these chakras. These chakras are often out of balance as they are constantly torn between positive and negative. In this case, seven gemstones of seven different colors restore the balance of the energy wheel. A whole collection of chakra jewelry is made up of these seven stones.

Learn More About Charka Gemstone

The history and significance of Chakra jewelry date back centuries.

In ancient times, these chakra stones were believed to have healing properties and to heal even the deepest and most wounded scars. Moreover, when adorned with proper procedures and rituals, they represent symbols of happiness, peace, and prosperity. We have 7 chakra stones, each with its own unique healing and magical properties. Some of them are even recognized as "birthstones".

Let's take a closer look at these chakras.


One of the most beautiful and famous gemstones in peridot jewelry is its uniquely beautiful shimmering lime green color.

As a chakra stone, it can bring great happiness and wealth to the wearer. Its amazing healing properties can lead to good health, tranquility and satisfying sleep, and enhances creativity by harnessing the crown chakra.


Birthstone of February", Amethyst is one of the 7 Charka stones that show great courage, courage and strength.

The earliest references to its celestial grandeur and beauty, as well as its remarkable healing properties, date back nearly 2,000 years. Amethyst jewelry is revered for its elegant purple quartz, with traces of different shades of color (also called scales) scattered across its surface.

Wearing the amethyst ring on the left index finger can enhance the purity of body, mind and soul together. It brings out a positive aura in the person and makes them happier and more lovable wherever they go. Of course, it also balances hormones, which have many typical health benefits.

Blue Topaz

Royal Blue Topaz is not just one of the seven magical chakra stones. In fact, it is also the most beautiful and valuable blue gemstone on the market. Deep shades of blue to purple make the wearer more elegant and charming.

Known as the Stone of Clarity, vibrant London Blue Topaz channels the energy of the spirit, bringing wisdom and self-awareness. He inspires people to believe in truth and hope. By releasing the hidden potential of the brain, it opens doors of opportunity for the wearer.


Sacred and wondrous citrine is associated with the sun-plexus chakra. The solar chakra tends to improve digestion in the gut by increasing body temperature in a controlled manner. It also boosts self-confidence and brings harmony and inner peace.

One of the most stunning gemstones, citrine jewelry mostly comes in lighter shades, somewhere between yellow and orange. What is truly mesmerizing about

is its smokey transparent exterior, which gives it a glamorous feel.


Wearing garnet jewelry resonates with the second or sacral chakra, bringing great prosperity, prosperity, wealth, and chances of success to the wearer.

The divine and exemplary metaphysical properties of

also help the body fight many deadly diseases by strengthening the immune system. Garnet also aligns all the vital charkas of the body into their most effective positions, thereby bringing long-term happiness and prosperity to the wearer.


September Birthstone" is believed to promote inner wisdom, a clear vision that allows one to see and realize the truth of life. It also fills the mind with a sense of purity, acceptance, positivity, and peace. It is also associated with the third eye or crown chakra and its zodiac signs are Taurus, Libra, and Sagittarius. These magical properties of loli stone jewelry are complemented by its blue glow ranging from purple to shades of blue ethereal.


Carnelian is a bright, sparkling gemstone with a yellow-orange hue, carnelian jewelry is revered for its uplifting mood as well as magical and mystical healing properties that can promote physical and mental health. Carnelian Improves fertility and libido. Carnelian is used to treat low back pain, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, and depression. It regulates the kidneys and accelerates the healing of bones and ligaments.

Explore Your Own Chakra Jewelry.

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I wish you a happy shopping!

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