How to Decorate A Staircase Wall

by Anvika aryaFebruary 9, 2021
How to Decorate A Staircase Wall

Stairs are only supposed to get you from one end to the other, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it a masterpiece of beauty along the way. Staircases are probably one the most prominent structures inside a house. They are more often neglected, but that’s a mistake. You can’t neglect decor for stairway walls when it comes to putting those finishing touches on your house.

While the options are numerous, we do need to match the decor to our staircase railing The first thing to understand is what kind of stairs and staircase railing do you have? An ornate staircase would require a different decoration than that of a wrought iron staircase.

The staircase wall is a large blank canvas, why waste it? Put up what you like best. These stylish staircase decorating ideas will put you a step ahead of the crowd!

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Family Photo Gallery

A popular way to decorate your staircase wall while also giving it that home feeling, is using it as a photo gallery. A staircase fits right in the middle of your house, connecting one floor to the other. Why not set up a collection of family photos that put a smile on your face each time you need to use the stairs.

Framed Artwork

If you’re an artsy person or simply appreciate artwork, you can display artwork of any kind along the walls of the staircase.

Scenic Pictures

Maybe you enjoy looking at scenic images from nature. Well, your stairwell wall provides you with a large canvas, use it to bring the beauty of nature to your home.


A collection of photographs and other items that hold sentimental value and special memory, like your child’s hospital bracelet. Just the thing to give your mood a lift going up and down the stairs.


A little harder to maintain, but beautiful and classy nonetheless. For anyone who appreciates art, this would appeal to them. 

Mural artworks are a form of painting, directly applied to the dry plaster, using special pigments and bindings. The finished product is mesmerizing, a giant painting in which all the elements come together to form a complete picture. This could certainly transform your stairwell.


You can always light up your way with atmospheric lights along the wall. Modern indoor decorative lights mounted along your stairway wall would give out a beautiful glow while also lighting the stairs at night.


Mirror of varying shapes and size, and frames matching with the railing would greatly compliment the house, while also giving an illusion of more space.


If you’re a book lover, this one is definitely for you. Convert your stairway into a library with beautiful bookshelves along the wall.

Wall of Achievements

Most houses dedicate a wall to family achievements. The staircase gives us the perfect place to showcase our personal achievements like degrees, certificates and awards.


Rather than place anything on the walls, there’s always the option of simply painting it with a different color than the rest of the walls, maybe even a nice textured paint.


If you want it simple, wallpaper would do wonders for the staircase space. You get to pick what kind, color and pattern. The rest is fairly simple, no fuss, no hassle, no maintenance.

Floating Shelves

Small stylish and sturdy shelves placed at intervals along the stairway walls would allow you to place decorations on them, like vases, flowers, pictures and anything else you fancy really.


If subdued looks appeal to you, a monochrome theme with black and white photos would look great along the staircase wall.


A beautiful collection of vintage images, alongside a large vintage clock, would produce a unique finished product that could definitely appeal to all. It could go with the rest of the house decor too- modern or vintage.

Chalkboard Wall

If you’d rather change your wall decor regularly, perhaps adding a to-do list and some inspirational quotes than a chalkboard stairwell would do just fine. It would even be budget-friendly.

The Bottom Line

You no longer need to ignore the stairwell. Use it to compliment the rest of your house. There is an option for everyone, whether you prefer subdued, artistic or colorful. You definitely won’t regret it. So let’s step up our game and get creative!

So which décor for stairway walls appealed to you? Have you tried any stairwell wall art?

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