Description of Leadership: Features, Meaning, and Significance for Assignment

by Anvika aryaJanuary 12, 2023

Leadership and management are the two most important pillars of a business. Management is essential to ensure systematic work delivery by the employees, whereas leadership is essential to enhance their performance. University students tend to study for management degrees to prepare themselves for pursuing their careers in the corporate world. To perform well in a management assignment, scholars should possess broader knowledge of several concepts. Students tend to face issues with academic management write-ups and thus seek online management assignment help in the UK.

Online services make it easier for students to perform well in assignments and score good grades. Among various management topics, here is a small excerpt on "leadership" to add to the draught. Learners can go through it to get assistance with their assignment writing to perform better.

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What Do You Understand by the Term " Business Leadership"?

Leaders and their leadership skills play an essential role in the growth of an organization. The responsibility of a leader is to influence the staff in such a way that they strive to work willingly and enthusiastically for the organisation's growth and achieve its objectives. A leader has a bunch of people under him to take care of. He ensures a smoother workflow for the team. Their main aim is to manage their teammates with the utmost care and intelligence and motivate them to work harder for the evolution of the company.

Every organisation has a bunch of team leaders to ensure a smoother workflow for the company. Leaders are very important when it comes to creating and communicating new strategic directions. They are also vital for increasing commitment to the goals.

What are the Characteristics of a Business Leader?

A good leader has a few unique qualities that make his leadership effective. The attributes a leader must possess to exercise effective leadership are listed below:

  • Charismatic Personality: A pleasing personality is one of the most I characteristics of a leader. They should be friendly yet authoritative to inspire people to work and be like them.
  • In-Depth Knowledge: The subordinate looks to the leader for any suggestions they need. So, the leader needs to have adequate overall knowledge regarding the subject to influence the subordinates.
  • Highly Effective Communication: A leader needs to be an excellent communicator to explain all the ideas and policies to their teammates. Leaders should also be good listeners, counsellors, and persuaders.
  • Intelligence: A leader should be intelligent enough to identify the pros and cons of the situation and work accordingly. He should also have the foresight to predict the future impact of any decision taken.

What Are the Features of "Leadership"?

Good leadership has a few fundamental characteristics that make it influential and effective for the staff. Below is a brief description of all these features to make the concept clear:

  • Influence of the leader's behaviour on others: Leadership includes the ability of the leader to influence others. The leader needs to be able to influence the behaviour of the staff. It is vital because it motivates the staff to achieve the purposes of the company more effectively. A good leader plays a primary role in motivating the staff to reach their goals.
  • More of a Group Process: A leader needs a group to lead. Leadership is impossible to achieve without followers. It is a group process because the leader needs a bunch of people to practise leadership skills to achieve the objective. The performance of a team depends a lot on its leader.
  • Work Consistently With the Team: A leader has to ensure that the team is working as per requirements. They have to continuously keep a check on their performance. They need to attentively monitor them to ensure their efforts are made in the right direction and that they are not deviating from them.
  • Motivate Them to Achieve Organisational Goals: One of the fundamental functions of a leader is to motivate teammates to achieve the organisation’s goals. The leader brings the teammates together to achieve common goals.

What Is the Significance of "Leadership"?

Business leadership is essential. It plays a vital role in the progress of any organization. Below are a few pointers that describe the importance of leadership in a business:

  • The Initiator of Action: A leader is a person who begins playing their role from the beginning. He communicates the policies and plans to the staff so they can start working on them. He highlights the fundamental notions of how a particular task can be done so that the subordinates have an outline of it and perform better.
  • Builds a Healthy Work Environment: Another responsibility of the team leader is to build a healthy work environment for the team. He maintains personal contact with his teammates to hear their issues and resolve them. If there are conflicts, the team leader handles them without affecting them.
  • Boosts Confidence in the Team: A leader acknowledges the team's efforts. He explains the role of the teammates and guides them to achieve their goals. Additionally, a leader resolves the issues faced by the team, thereby building their confidence.
  • Make the Team Adapt to Change: The leader persuades and clarifies a change in an organisation without much discontent so that the employees should adapt to it. They make sure that they don't feel unduly insecure about the changes. They explain the advantages of the change implemented to satisfy the employees.

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