Different types of Painting Services in Edmond

by Kim GreeneNovember 20, 2022

Those old days are gone when people painted their homesites, office buildings, etc., by themselves. Now, almost everyone hires painting services to put on a new coat of paint or repaint. Hiring a professional painting service has many benefits as they have trained and experienced staff. Painting services offered in Edmond are famous for their professionalism.

Edmond is a city in Oklahoma County in the United States. This city consists of an area of 87.9 square miles; out of this, around 85.1 square miles consist of land, and 2.8 square miles is water. The current population of Edmond is 97,032, based on the US census. The staff at the painting service company are well informed about the queries customers raise, and they handle them professionally. Few among the best Edmond painting services companies pay their painters $15.60 / per hour.

Apart from these, the company also gives a paint warranty, depending upon various services offered by them.

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Types of Services

While searching for professional Edmond painting services in Oklahoma, prospective clients should consider that their services are vast and not limited to residential and business complexes. Additionally, painting services in Edmond cover a wide range of other benefits, like better curb appeal.

The number of households in Edmond in the year 2021 was 35,688, the average income was $115,518, and the average new home price was $377,193. Hence, the demand for professional painters in the city is always on the rise.

Different types of painting services that people can select in Edmond are:

Acoustic Ceiling Panel Painting:

Acoustic ceiling panel painting does not involve actual paint but is a unique process with a special coating from ProCoat products. The painters are trained to apply this on the ceiling panels. It gives the ceiling panels a new breath of life.

Brick Waterproofing:

It helps in protecting and safeguarding property made of brick and other masonry work. A good pressure washing and application of a unique coating known as the brick sealer will increase the lifespan of those structures by waterproofing them.

Concrete Ceiling Repair:

Using the right repairing products on concrete helps in improving it. There are different products to repair small, large, horizontal, vertical cracks, etc., that do extensive damage. A crack sealant applied repairs these cracks that appear on concrete.

EIFS Repair:

Exterior insulation and finishing systems are siding on commercial and residential buildings. It is more like a cladding material used on the exteriors of the buildings. This EIFS can get damaged as time passes, leading to water leakage and other problems. It should be repaired as soon as possible. The painting services have trained EIFS contractors to perform these repairs.

Wood Staining:

The wood structures outside face wind, rain, snow, and sunshine. Eventually, it starts rotting, bending, and discoloration over time.

Taking service of wood staining from professionals adds life to those exterior wooden items, thus adding value and increasing their vitality. Work done by a professional always lasts longer than the do-it-yourself kit. The service providers use a better quality product to stain wood; added to that, they do it with great care and precision.

Power Washing:

Power washing, also known as Pressure washing, cleans residential and commercial properties' sidewalks, exterior surfaces, etc., using water pressure. It is also known as power washing. While washing, proper equipment, hoses, detergents, washers, degreasers, and the correct pressure washing settings, eliminates dirt, mold, insects, soils, etc., that cause harm to the exterior surface of the building. This service helps to add extra zest to the outward appearance of all types of complexes.


Apart from the above, professional services include ceiling panel painting, brick waterproofing, concrete ceiling repair, etc. Once a new home is built or renovated, the wish to beautify it emerges within the owners. Thus, it is advisable to consider the different types of services offered by professionals that give an extra edge and shine to all kinds of buildings.

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