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by zoya aryaJanuary 18, 2023
cobra self cocking pistol crossbow review

You're probably familiar with the crossbow, a hunting tool that has been around for centuries. But have you heard of the Cobra Pistol Crossbow? This new take on the crossbow is quickly gaining in popularity due to its ease of use and portability.

In this review, cobra self cocking pistol crossbow review we'll take a closer look at the Cobra Pistol Crossbow and discuss its features and benefits. We'll also talk about how to use it and give you our opinion on whether or not it's worth purchasing. So, if you're curious about the Cobra Pistol Crossbow, read on!

Overview of the Cobra Crossbow

The Cobra Pistol Crossbow is a new take on the traditional crossbow. It's designed for easy one-handed use, and it can be cocked with just a few easy pulls of the slide. This makes it a great choice for those looking for an easy-to-use crossbow that they can take with them on the go.

The Cobra Pistol Crossbow also features a pistol grip and a shoulder stock, which makes it more comfortable to use. It fires arrows at up to 245 feet per second, making it perfect for target practice or hunting small game.

Pros and Cons of the Cobra Pistol Crossbow

The Cobra Pistol Crossbow has both pros and cons. The pros are that it is easy to cock, the legs are adjustable, and the build quality is good. The cons are that it is difficult to reload, the crossbow string isn't very durable, and the arrows are not very accurate.

What You'll Need to Use the Cobra Crossbow

The Cobra Pistol Crossbow ships with the bare essentials you need to get started: the crossbow, a quiver, three bolts, and a hex key for assembly.

Additional items you may want to consider purchasing include an extra bolt quiver (to keep more bolts on hand), a Cobra rope cocker (to make cocking the crossbow easier), and a Cobra shoulder sling (to help carry the crossbow around).

Performance Evaluation of the Cobra Pistol Crossbow

You may be wondering if the Cobra Pistol Crossbow is up to snuff when it comes to performance. You can rest assured that the Cobra Pistol Crossbow is a quality piece of equipment! The 80 lb draw weight and rope cocking mechanism make it easy to pull back and launch arrows at up to 160 fps (feet per second).

The adjustable sights help ensure you're on target when you fire, and the durable construction makes sure this crossbow will last for years of use. The pistol grip also makes it comfortable to hold, no matter how many shots you take. So if you’re looking for a reliable crossbow with enough power for hunting small game, then the Cobra Pistol Crossbow should be near the top of your list!

Accessories You Can Get for the Cobra Pistol Crossbow

The Cobra pistol crossbow may be small, but it also comes with several useful accessories that you can pick up to make shooting easier. These include a string/cable replacement kit, which gives you the tools you need to replace the string/cable should they break or fray over time.

You can also buy extra arrows, which come in a pack of 12, so you never have to worry about running out of ammunition. And you can get a quiver, which attaches to your belt and makes it easy for you to store your arrows when you're on the go.

Finally, there's a shoulder holster that allows you to easily carry your crossbow at your side. It's made of durable nylon and is designed with comfort in mind—no more painful straps digging into your skin!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cobra Pistol Crossbow

Have a few questions about the Cobra Pistol Crossbow? Not to worry; we’re here to answer them.

First off, how hard is it to cock the bow? Well, that depends on your strength. It’s not terribly hard—the self-cocking mechanism ensures you don’t need too much effort—but it may take a while if you’re using a manual crank.

What kind of bolts does the crossbow use? The Cobra Pistol Crossbow uses steel-tipped bolts that can be loaded into the 30 lb draw weight bow with ease. The bolts are about 6 inches long and come in packs of 5.

Is the Cobra Pistol Crossbow durable? Yes, this crossbow is very durable due to its corrosion-resistant construction and synthetic finish. The bow is also designed with a handle for comfortable shooting and its light design makes it easy to transport as well.


All in all, if you're looking for a powerful and easy-to-use crossbow, guide hunting the Cobra is a great option. It's perfect for beginners or those who are looking for a crossbow that doesn't require a lot of set-up or maintenance, and it's great for target practice or small game hunting. Just be sure to always use caution when handling any type of weapon and to always comply with all hunting regulations in your area.

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