Dreamcast vs Hubilo Comparison

by Anvika aryaNovember 18, 2022

Everyone searches for the best virtual, hybrid, and in-person event service provider as soon as they need to host one. You can find a load of platforms over Google if you search for one.

However, you need a reliable and trustworthy solution for your needs. Hence, you have to understand all the features and functionalities you can get with the virtual event platform you choose.

Dreamcast and Hubilo are the most famous online event platforms in 2022. Everyone is confused and is searching for a comparison that can help them understand what is the best solution. Hence, here is a comprehensive blog that can be helpful in picking the right virtual event platform for your upcoming event.

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Dreamcast is a well-known 3D online event platform for different types of online events you would like to conduct for your audience. They can help you reach the audience with a virtual event, including various advanced functionalities that can be helpful in boosting engagement, communication, and networking opportunities. Also, they can take your on-ground event online via hybrid technology where you can serve both the online and offline attendees without hassle.

Best Suitable For

Dreamcast is a robust online event solution that offers support for any kind of event. However, you can get the best services for various types of events, such as

Hybrid Event Services

  • Hybrid Meetings
  • Hybrid Shows
  • Hybrid Launches
  • Hybrid Fairs
  • Hybrid Exhibitions
  • Hybrid Fests
  • Hybrid Conferences
  • Hybrid Summits
  • Hybrid Expos

Virtual Event Services

  • Virtual Meetings
  • Virtual Town Hall
  • Virtual AGM
  • Virtual Corporate Meetings
  • Virtual Team Meetings

Virtual Shows

  • Trade Show
  • Award Show
  • Motor Show
  • Property Show
  • Fashion Show

Virtual Launches

  • Product Launch
  • Brand Launch

Virtual Fair

  • Career Fair
  • Property Fair
  • Job Fair
  • Trade Fair

Virtual Exhibition

  • Art Exhibition
  • Medical Exhibition

Additional Virtual Events

  • Fest
  • Conference
  • Summit
  • Expo

Key Features of Dreamcast Virtual And Hybrid Events

You can get a list of features with Dreamcast that can make your virtual and hybrid event hosting more seamless. Here is a list of features and functionalities that can be helpful in conducting an online event seamlessly.

  • Networking Tables
  • AI Matchmaking
  • Virtual Networking Lounge
  • Business Card Exchange
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler
  • CXO Lounges
  • 1:1 and Group Chat
  • Live Poll and Q&A Session
  • Live Audio & Video Call
  • Chat Rooms
  • Pre-Meeting Scheduler
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Gamification
  • Clap/Hoot/Emoticon Reactions
  • Text and Video-Based Notifications
  • Social Wall
  • Photo Booth
  • Leaderboard
  • Feedback Form
  • Detailed Event Report
  • Attendee Footprint
  • Signature Wall
  • Meeting Insights

Key Features of Dreamcast In-Person Events

You can integrate a lot of features into your on-ground event to create an experience like never before. Hence, here is a list of digitalization that you can get with Dreamcast for your in-person event.

  • Advanced White Label Mobile Event Application
  • Easy Marketing & Registrations Driving with Event Microsite Builder
  • App & Form for Online & On-Spot Registrations
  • Modules for E-commerce, Hotel Booking & Packages
  • Whatsapp Driven Interaction & CRM
  • On-Spot & Online Functionalities with QR Code
  • Multi-Format In-studio or On-ground Live Streaming
  • Third-Party Integrations & LIVE Commerce
  • Hybrid Networking Solutions for Virtual & Onspot Attendees
  • Multiple Exhibitor-Oriented Solutions
  • 100% Customized Event Platform
  • Complete Event Data Analytics & Reports

Pricing Structure of Dreamcast

You can request a demo and share your requirements for your event and Dreamcast will customize a price for your event. Hence, you do not have to pay a fixed price; you can change it as per your needs and types of events.


Hubilo is a popular virtual and hybrid event platform that offers engagement and an excellent experience for every event. They have features that can be helpful in driving engagement and yield greater brand outcomes. Hence, you can execute any event perfectly paired with their proactive and full-time customer success team. Your event will be enriched with engagement features as well as a deeply branded experience.

Best Suitable For

  • Virtual Event
  • Hybrid Event
  • in-Person Event Integrations

Key Features of Hubilo Virtual and Hybrid Event

Hubilo has a great number of features that can make your event more smooth and easy for your audiences. Hence, here is a list of features you can get with the Hubilo virtual event service providers.

  • Session scheduling
  • Attendee Engagement
  • Event Agendas and Schedules
  • Platform Performance and Reliability
  • Administration
  • Event Configuration
  • Event Marketing
  • Speaker Access and Control
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Virtual Experience
  • Virtual Lobby
  • Built-In Webcasting
  • Webcasting Integrations
  • Cross-Device Functionality
  • Engagement
  • Online Event Agenda
  • Interactive Content
  • 1:1 Networking
  • Exhibitors/Sponsorships

Key Features of Hubilo In-Person Event

You can incorporate a lot of digital features into your on-ground event. It can be helpful in changing the complete online event registration, ticketing, entry, and more experiences.

  • Client experience
  • Custom branding
  • Engagement
  • Analytics
  • Mobile App
  • Ticketing
  • Badge design
  • Technology Applications Integrations

Pricing Structure of Hubilo

Advanced: $650/month

Pro: $1,300/month

You can contact Hubilo for more information if you want to choose the Enterprise plan.

Similarities and Differences Chart for Dreamcast and Hubilo

360 Degree EnvironmentYesNo
Exceptional 3D DesignsYesNo
Top-Notch Customer SupportYesYes
Enormous Networking OpportunitiesYesYes
Multi-Format CommunicationYesYes
Accessible DocumentsYesNo
Engrossing Engagement ToolsYesYes
Complete Data SecurityYesYes
Dynamic Device SupportYesYes

Final Words

So, this is a short comparison between Dreamcast and Hubilo sharing all the features and functionalities that you can get for your online events. Now, it is up to you what you will choose for your upcoming event.

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