What is Drip Marketing and How to Create an Effective Campaign

by aleiday rjanssenMay 18, 2023
Drip Marketing Campaign

By using drip marketing, you can send your customers an automated series of emails over time. These initiatives aim to cultivate prospective clients and boost conversion rates over time.

To engage prospects in a continuous dialogue, drip marketing aims to develop an email list before gradually releasing content and promotional messages over time. Consider drip campaigns as a method to stay in touch with your clients on a regular basis over time.

Engaging with your leads and prospects via a variety of channels is the ideal answer. Drip marketing includes organizing the automatic message delivery of:

  • Drip frequency;
  • Scheduling times;
  • List segmentation;
  • Content customization;
  • Triggers;
  • Marketing automation flows, etc.

Using drip marketing automation tools, drip marketing is typically used for prospect nurturing. These automation tools assist companies in routinely sending automated emails to subscribers and prospects. Emails used for drip marketing may contain newsletters, personalized content, unique deals, sales alerts, etc.

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Why are Drip Marketing Campaigns Important?

By providing contextual information to your audience at the ideal moment, drip feed marketing helps to increase the likelihood that they will choose your good or service. It functions well because it is highly relevant and personalized.

Let’s look at an illustration to demonstrate the significance. Imagine someone visiting your blog page and signing up for your free email. Although you might be enticed, it makes more sense to nurture the prospect through a 3- or 5-part welcome sequence before revealing the paid offer. It makes them more likely to discover value in your offer and sign up for a paid subscription. (or customer).

Not everyone is prepared to purchase right away. Additionally, customers who are intrigued by your company are at various points in the purchasing process. Thus, you must have a very individualized conversation with these potential customers. The most obvious way to nurture each of these prospects is through drip-feed marketing.

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When done well, drip marketing campaigns help you:

  • Utilize email automation to reduce the time and expense wasted managing human resources;
  • Prospects should be thoroughly nurtured and engaged while being guided methodically through your email marketing pipeline.
  • Continually remain in your prospects’ thoughts;
  • build unshakeable brand authority and credibility, which will lead to better conversions, sales, and revenue;
  • Find high-value candidates, engage them, and convert them to prevent leakage.
  • Create a marketing plan with a cheap investment and high return that you can “set and forget”;
  • Run ads for renewals and abandoned cart automation to stop income leakage.

Key Elements of a Drip Marketing Campaign

Drip programmes that are automated sound great, but most people frequently need assistance when creating their first automation sequences. Now let’s talk about the basic query: What should a drip campaign contain?

Only three primary elements are present in even the most effective drip marketing campaigns. If you can master these, you can create your next successful automation process.


  • The first stage of your automation design is represented by a trigger, which is an indicator that initiates your automation process. Triggers are essentially the acts that form the foundation of your drip campaign. The prompts can be a deadline, a date, or a specific requirement that must be satisfied.


  • Your chosen trigger type is one of the criteria. A user’s behavior, location, email activity, or switching to a different email list are some of the most frequent causes. Your automation becomes intelligent as a result of the conditions because it detects the circumstance and reacts appropriately.


  • When the aforementioned circumstances are satisfied, actions must take place. You can change a custom field, update a subscriber’s email address, remove them from a group, inform yourself (or your team), start an autoresponder, or perform a number of other actions based on triggers and conditions.

When you have clarity on the above elements, i.e., the overarching objective and what needs to happen at each step for that to happen, building automation that works is easy with Simba Institute.

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How to Set Up a Drip Marketing Campaign?

Instead of selecting an email marketing service with marketing automation, setting up an automated email campaign is more about strategy, planning, and addressing pain points. The best way to build up your first drip marketing campaign is as follows:

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Having a thorough grasp of your target audience is your first step in planning to launch drip marketing.

Find answers to these questions:

  • To whom are you marketing?
  • What do they know about the issue that you will eventually assist them in resolving?
  • What are they aware of regarding your company and brand?
  • Do you have any information or a unique offer that can assist them in solving their issue?
  • What motivates them to act?

Once you have the answers, divide your target market into groups according to their propensity to convert or any other measure you believe is important to track, such as online activity or engagement. This will enable you to comprehend their thoughts and objectives and produce the ideal email copy that draws them to your company or brand.

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2. Create Email Content for the Drip Campaign

Plan your email content once you have an understanding of your community, including its goals, aspirations, and pain points. Basically, in this stage, you’ll outline the format, organization, frequency, and content of your email sequence.

Your subject lines, email copy, offers, and CTA copy must take into account and target the pain spots of your audience in order to motivate action. To start writing the text for your email, use the best practices for email copywriting.

If you’re having trouble coming up with content for email marketing, check out our guide to email content for ideas, best practices, examples, and more.

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3. Plan Out Your Campaign

Planning your automated email strategy well is the most crucial step. This entails defining your campaign objectives, deciding on triggers, and setting the regularity of drip campaigns. Every aspect of your campaign needs to be carefully planned because it can either make or break your complete marketing funnel.

Decide, for instance, whether you want more signups, course purchases, or purchases from your eCommerce store during and after the promotion.

Next, employ a contextual cue and action based on your understanding of your target audience. Define, for instance, when a specific date (such as a birthday, anniversary, or renewal date, or a user action such as a purchase or cart abandonment, or anything else.

Decide what you want your automation tool to do when the situation occurs, and then specify it. Do you want the users to receive a single email, a succession of emails over the coming weeks, or something else?

As was stated in the first section of this blog, these components are essential to the success of your drip marketing campaign.

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4. Start Your Campaign

Starting your campaign is the last stage in a drip marketing campaign. This entails setting up the workflow builder or automation tool with all of the necessary triggers, conditions, and actions, choosing an email list (or audience), and then allowing the automation tool to handle the rest. You don’t need to do anything at this point; simply set the automation process up for success and let it take care of the rest.

5. Test and Measure Results

Measure and analyzing your drip sequence’s performance is the last and most crucial stage. Ideally, you ought to keep an eye on your open, click-through, and click-to-open rates.

To get all the information about your promotion, use the reporting dashboard. Based on the data, start updating and improving your sequence. In order to determine what will work best for your drip marketing strategy, you can experiment and A/B test your send times, CTA, copy, design, etc.

Simba Institute offers a drag-and-drop workflow automation builder that makes it incredibly simple to set up and manage complex drip marketing sequences.

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The best aspect is that up to 2500 subscribers can use Simba Institute for free. Therefore, you don’t have to spend a dime until you’re satisfied with the outcomes.

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