EMS Training Benefits for Older Adults 

by Anvika aryaJanuary 10, 2023

EMS training, or training with electrostimulation, is a great way to engage more of your muscles without exerting your body to its final limits. And this is exactly what seniors need—top muscle activation and the lowest possibility of injury. It sounds too good to be true, but EMS is a proven way to exercise the body and keep fit, even for older adults. So if you’re curious about all the benefits of this training tactic, here are the top pros of EMS training for seniors: 

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Increased physical activity

EMS is an amazing addition to physical activity for those over the age of 60 or 70. Why? Well, through electrical muscle stimulation (EMS for short), the body can maintain health blood pressure and heart rate, which allows individuals to work out confidently even with certain health concerns. Since the muscles are stimulated externally, users can get the maximum effect of the movement. Seniors can even pass the threshold of the movements, which allows them to build and maintain healthy muscle strength. 

Since the larger groups of muscles are activated to the max, this results in a metabolism boost and healthy and controlled fat loss. Additionally, the electrostimulation of deep muscle tissue helps seniors with pesky muscle pain they have been carrying with them for years. 


Electrical muscle stimulation is great for injury rehabilitation and improvement of the range of movement. And since older adults are often struggling with these issues, such training is ideal for them, of course, when performed under the watchful eye of professionals who will create a specific plan just for you. 

Pain control

For those who suffer from chronic pain in any part of the body, EMS training might be the perfect solution. Since full-body EMS training uses the body’s own electrical impulses, it can block the pain signals and give you a much-needed break from the pain. People who are unable to take pain medication for inflammations often find relief in this way of training. With proper electrostimulation, it’s possible to achieve rehabilitation of pain and injuries and reduce chronic complaints. 

Since this type of exercise is always supervised by professionals, it’s perfect for seniors who might need a lot of help during their sessions. This way, you can control the workouts the best and track your performance. 

Improved stability 

Falling is one of the most common ways older individuals hurt themselves. The risk of falls goes up with every year of your age, as your physical strength falls, and the results of the falls get more serious with every day. We have mentioned the decrease in strength several times, so why that happens with age? According to science, sarcopenia is a disorder associated with aging that increases a person’s body fat while decreasing muscle mass. Muscles and joints start to deteriorate because of their lower use, which greatly increases the possibility of falls and injuries. Daily exercise, especially that supported by electrostimulation, can slow down the advancement of sarcopenia. 


One of the best things about EMS is that it can be used by all sorts of individuals, even those with serious health conditions. People with myopathy and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, as well as those with chronic heart failure, can also engage in EMS. While traditional exercise is limited by physical barriers that prevent many seniors from exercising, EMS brings training closer to people who can’t engage in certain sports and activities. 

Long story short, electrical muscle stimulation is a great exercise solution for all older adults. If you manage to find a good gym that offers EMS training, make sure to sign up for a few sessions and try this innovative way of exercising. With a good trainer, it’s possible to improve your life in all fields with EMS. 

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