eTherapyDocs EHR vs Rethink Software: The Best Pick

by Luna johnsonApril 10, 2023

eTherapyDocs and Rethink software are the best-in-class pediatric therapy solutions. Find more about these by diving into this eTherapyDocs vs Rethink software guide.  

If you are running a pediatric therapy practice, you will find this guide in your best interest. We have penned together a thorough eTherapyDocs vs Rethink software guide. Never heard these names before? These are not popular like Athenahealth, AdvancedEMR or Cerner but offer top-notch clinical services for the said specialty. Both these specialty-specific tools are the master of their area of interest. Let’s now begin this eTherapyDocs EHR vs Rethink software guide to equip you with their fine details.  

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eTherapyDocs- Pediatric Therapy EHR 

In the context of pediatric therapy solutions, eTherapyDocs tops the chart. It is comprehensive. Intuitive, configurable, easy-to-use and offers to-the-point care services. The eTherapyDocs EHR is designed by pediatric therapists who needed a specialized solution to ease their lives. It is not like any other mass-market expensive solutions but still fosters efficiency and boosts clinical productivity with its unique interface.  

This cloud-based solution addresses the needs of occupational, speech and therapy pediatric centers. Fueled by the intent of optimizing care delivery, it elegantly tackles all clinical challenges. It is not just super easy to use but is also compatible with handheld devices. This means users can use this straightforward solution to document notes or review patient records from anywhere.  

Exploring The Reviews 

We evaluated the reviews of eTherapyDocs to decipher what makes it the user’s first choice. Almost all pediatrists rely on this solution as they believe that it holds the unmatched potential to streamline care management. So, we explored the reviews to determine the great benefits and invaluable aspects of eTherayDocs. Here are certain facts we discovered while going through the reviews of eTherapyDocs.  

It supports a verbose narrative approach so physicians can craft to-the-point treatment notes.  

The platform drives handsome returns in no time, compensating for the user's investment.  

It improves the efficiency of practices by adapting to their personalized workflow.  

Reviews recognize eTherapyDocs as a user-friendly solution with outstanding customer service. 

The merchant helps practices thrive by featuring endless flexibility and a simplified billing module. 

What Does It Offer? 

Meaningful alerts, electronic note entries, integrated clearinghouses, and e-superbills are some of the intrinsic functionalities of this pediatric solution. You can gain profound insights into these and many more services by opting for the demo of eTherapyDocs. The eTherapyDocs demo is your best resort if you want hands-on experience with this solution. While going through the demo, you can evaluate the patient engagement services of eTherapyNotes, like the patient portal, communication management, appointment calendars etc.  

eTherapyNotes Pricing: 

The eTherapyDocs software outperforms its rivals by offering quality services for low pricing. It doesn’t cost much and thus proves to be a cost-effective solution for pediatric therapy practices. Even though eTherapDocs has not listed its pricing details, the users share that it costs just $135 per provider per month. For a feature-rich platform like this, it is nothing much. You can request exact pricing details by eTherapyDocs to jump for its monthly subscription plans.  

Now we will delve into the fine details of Rethink in this eTherayDocs vs Rethink software analysis guide.  

Rethink: A Behavioral Health EHR 

When it comes to applied behavior analysis, there’s no better option than Rethink. It is a tailor-made behavioral health solution that extends its services to pediatric therapy providers under ABA, speech, occupational and physical therapy. Almost 30000+ clinicians rely on the services of this resilient healthcare platform to embrace scalability. The vendor simplifies documentation, streamlines billing, and coordinates care across the care spectrum.  

The Rethink behavioral health solution offers clinically advanced services to up the level of care. Aside from that, the vendor practices a proactive approach toward healthcare challenges. This stand-alone platform features one-of-a-kind services to serve practitioners, their staff and patients. It simultaneously handles the needs of all parties involved in the care and thus increases the efficiency of medical practices.  

Exploring The Reviews: 

Now we will examine Rethink software from the reviews perspective. It will allow us to look at this solution from the other provider’s perspective showcasing why they adore it. As per the reviews, Rethink EHR is a behavioral health software of high caliber. It packs unmatched potential, driving impressive clinical outcomes and boosting operational efficiency. While going through Rethink software reviews, we came across the following points: 

It offers a content-rich clinical library filled with customizable treatment plans.  

The streamlined clinical report writing functionality of this software is a pro.  

Rethink software reviews share that users love the option of choosing between in-house and outsourcing billing modules.  

It is rich in extensive training resources like education guides, RBT training etc.  

The data collection service of this easy-to-use software simplifies providers' work by gathering data and conducting real-time data analysis.  

The Services its offers: 

Mobile data collection, clinical programming, scheduling, intake management and electronic visit verification are some great services of this intact solution. You can thoroughly evaluate these and many more services by scheduling a Rethink software demo. In its demo, Rethink software shares factual insights about its integrated functionalities. Whether you want to explore customized workflows or revenue cycle services, the Rethink software demo will do for you. The demo is the best way to decipher whether Rethink software offers compatible, reliable, easy-to-use services.  

The Price Analysis 

The pricing strategy of Rethink software is not disclosed to the public. You can inquire about the pricing details of Rethink software by contacting the vendor’s sales team. From the viewpoint of some of its users, Rethink software offers moderately priced pricing bundles. It is an affordable solution even for start-ups. So, request the pricing details of Rethink software to determine whether it is more affordable or eTherapyDocs.  


In this eTherapyDocs vs Rethink software guide, we conducted a detailed EHR assessment of two noteworthy pediatric therapy solutions. You can do so for any of your desired platforms by following a basic four-step procedure.  

Delve into the basics.  

Explore the reviews.  

Dig deeper into the feature range.  

Evaluate the price range.  

And that’s it. You are good to go. Choose the vendor that seems most suitable for your practice. In our case, both platforms shine bright and are equally effective.  

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