Facebook Ads: Understanding how they can benefit e-commerce

by Kim GreeneApril 3, 2023, ,
facebook ads for e-commerce

Facebook ads for e-commerce are a fantastic way to both drive visitors to your website and boost brand sales. Using a mix of conversion ads and dynamic product ads for your online store will improve your return on investment (ROI). Users who may have seen your page but didn't make a purchase while moving through the sales funnel can be retargeted on Facebook. Hence, by retargeting the audiences, the platform's e-commerce sales and ROI may be further increased.

Your business depends on you picking the appropriate purpose for your e-commerce advertisements. Let's examine a few possible goals for using these Facebook ads for e-commerce.

  1. Selling of catalogues

This is the most effective technique to retarget customers who didn't convert with this aim. You may market your product lineups or catalogues on Facebook by using the Catalog Sales goal. Moreover, it gives you the option to select either a certain product category or every item on your website. 

  1. Conversion

In addition to having dynamic product advertisements, one may choose to display a few of your company's top sellers in their e-commerce ads with the Conversion goal. You may now choose to incorporate simple product photos as carousels, single images, etc., similar to other conversion ads.

Let's differentiate the many sorts of target audiences in advertising now that we are aware of the objectives we may investigate.

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Miscellaneous audience types

People who exhibit the following traits are some examples of target audiences in advertising:

  • Seen or put in cart, but not yet bought
  • Add to cart but do not buy
  • Detailed demographics, interests, and preferences of target audiences

Different Custom Audience Types

  • Website: The majority of these audiences are people who frequent websites. Using Facebook advertisements for e-commerce, you may retarget users depending on how much time they spent on your website, such as 5%, 10%, and 25% on either specified product categories or pages.
  • Customer List: To create a value-based audience, you may submit information about your customers, including their name, email address, location, and order value. Reaching potential consumers who resemble existing high-value customers through these groups is a terrific idea.
  • App Activity: If your company has an app connected to your account, you may now retarget app users based on their app behavior, such as the number of transactions made or times the app has been accessed.
  • Activity Offline: If your company operates physical locations, you may monitor offline activity in addition to online activity to see how many online ad viewers have converted to offline customers.
  • Facebook Sources: Using several social media platforms is a terrific method to retarget your e-commerce advertisements. Customers with high intent who have already interacted with your brand would make up this audience.

Knowing the target segments we can reach with our paid advertisements allows us to investigate the kind of creative that will best present our items on the platforms.

Several creatives:

  • Single image ads: They are most effective for goods with an obvious price and calls to action. This is due to the fact that the audience immediately understands what the brand has to offer.
  • Video Format Ads: Advertising in the video format is centered on narrating the history of your business or product. On the platform they are displayed on, these advertisements can also be further modified. For instance, Instagram Story Ads have a significant influence since they are an excellent way to draw in viewers.
  • Multiple Products: You may now present a variety of items utilizing catalogs, product sets, and dynamic advertisements by employing multiple Product ads.
  • Carousel advertisements: These advertisements center on a number of pictures, either of the same product or various products.
  • Catalog advertisements: A catalog includes the brand's inventory, including product photos, sizes, and other information taken from the website.
  • Collection Ads: Often, these formats combine both photos and videos. Also, because they are immersive e-commerce ad forms, viewers may easily engage with the advertisement.

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Ideal Techniques

  • Creative modifications: To increase sales, it is advised to resize the creatives for the feed and story formats.
  • Product-Centric: The goods, together with the CTA and pricing, must always be the main attraction.
  • Minimalism: Minimalism is the ideal approach going ahead to capture the audience's attention.


You may now use Facebook advertising to build your online store in accordance with what you now know about the fundamental goals, target markets, ad types, and best practices for operating Facebook ads. The best methods for running these advertisements in combination with the appropriate objectives tailored to your audience may be quite helpful in boosting e-commerce sales, ROI, and driving business growth.

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