How to Buy a Bicycle: Factors to Consider

by Anvika aryaNovember 22, 2022
tips for buying a bicyle

A professional bike fit is the best way to adjust a bicycle to your body. It can be expensive so you might not have the option of getting a professional bike fit. You can also adjust your bike if you feel any discomfort or pain after riding it. This will usually be more than enough for most people, except for professional and amateur cyclists. So go ahead and try it out to find the right fit!

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Tips for Buying a Bicycle

Make sure you do your research before buying a bike. Also, take the time to think about these important questions.

What are the purposes of a bicycle?

Consider what purpose your bike will serve and which terrain you'll use it on. Are you looking for nature trails or city streets? Some tips can be found in the Type of a bike paragraph.

What amount do you want to spend?

You can not only buy the best road bike under $1000 but also for $3000. So make sure you decide first on your budget.

Would you prefer a used bike or a new one?

You can search for used bikes if you want to purchase a higher quality bike but it is too costly. Be careful that you don't get scammed. Maybe a friend is selling one or a local shop has some.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bike

Once you have decided on the bike that you want to purchase (and are able to afford), here are some things you should consider:

Find the Right Size Bike

Our bike fit calculator can help you with this. You might also want to visit the manufacturer's website, as models and brands may vary, and sometimes detailed dimensions are available. Some manufacturers may make a distinction between male and female models. While it can seem trivial, the differences could be as small as the bike's colors. However, it is possible that the frame was designed to fit a woman's body better.

Consider the Accessories You Need

You don't need to spend all your money on the bike.


Many parts of a bike can be replaced. Don't compromise on a perfect fit. Maybe the parts you don’t like, such as the handlebars, can be easily and inexpensively removed.

Try It!

Try out a variety of bikes. A stationary shop is a great place to purchase a bike. You can test the bikes and get advice. Ask questions to clarify any doubts. Many shops offer a bike fitting service to help you adjust your purchase to your body.

Different Sizes for Different Purposes

The recommended size for a bike frame will differ depending on what discipline you choose. This is partially due to how frames are made, but mostly because of the specific priorities and requirements in each discipline. The bike frame size will change based on your position.

Mountain biking can be broken down into many categories but they all share the same characteristics: a relatively upright position, wide handlebars, and a strong emphasis on comfort and handling. Best Mountain bikes are typically smaller than their road counterparts, which allows you to easily jump over obstacles and throw the bike around while riding "the gnarl".

Road bikes are on the other side of the spectrum. You can also separate these into two types: "Endurance" bikes at the comfortable end, and "Time Trial (TT)," bikes at the performance end. The smoother surfaces, faster speeds, and narrower handlebars tend to favor a more relaxed position with a greater distance between the handlebar and the saddle.

These are just general comments. New developments and trends appear constantly. These rules might not apply to cutting-edge bikes. Road bikes are increasing their aerodynamic advantages by going lower, narrower, and further out. Mountain bikes, especially enduro and all machines, are becoming longer, shorter, and more agile with each new model, despite the hugely wide bars that we often see.


Last but not least, remember that the bicycle must fit you. This is especially important when a particular size frame is made for different users. Once you have found the perfect frame size, make sure to adjust everything to your body.

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