Full itinerary of Skiing Courses in Gulmarg

by Anvika aryaJanuary 1, 2023
Skiing Courses in Gulmarg

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Gulmarg is a beautiful and magical hill station, situated in the Himalayas of Kargil district of Kashmir. The village of Gulmarg is well connected by road and located at a distance of about 7 km. in a valley in the Himalayas. This place is a favorite destination of many tourists from all across the world. Located at a distance of 100 Km from Srinagar and 80 Km from Ladakh, It is also known for an annual festival of skiing courses in gulmarg.

Gulmarg Ski Festival

The skiing courses in Gulmarg Festival happen in the month of January every year. The skiing is performed in various fields on the main road to the village and the view from the hill gives the spectacular view of mountains. It is said that this place will be declared as a ski hill in future. The skiing courses in gulmarg festival also includes the festival of “Rukhsar”.

The famous ski resort lies in the lap of nature and hence a skiing enthusiast can enjoy thrilling activities in the high altitude.

Best time to visit Gulmarg

Winter season: The whole world knows that winter season offers the best conditions for a visit to Gulmarg. There are two reasons for this. First is skiing and second is the snowfall. The ski resort is situated on the mountains and hence the high altitude of winter makes the season wonderful. Also, the winter season comes between the months of October and March.

Summer season: Summer season is quite different from the winters. The temperature is quite normal throughout the season and is quite pleasant for tourists. June to September are the best months to visit this place.

Monsoon season: The monsoon season is the most difficult time to visit Gulmarg. You can enjoy the beauty of this place when the place is not flooded with water.

How to visit Gulmarg?

The distance from Srinagar to Gulmarg is a long one, i.e. from 100 km to 150 km. The road from Srinagar is in good condition throughout and the journey is quite enjoyable.

Visiting the place can be planned through local and international websites. You can book your tickets and hotels through online booking websites. However, make sure that you have booked your tickets and hotels earlier as many people try to visit this place at peak season.

How to reach Gulmarg?

Gulmarg is situated in a beautiful valley in the Himalayas. The nearest airport is Srinagar airport. You can take the local and international airlines to reach Srinagar. The road from Srinagar to Gulmarg is in good condition. The journey will take around 7 hours through Kargil and the road condition is quite good.

How to stay at Gulmarg?

You can stay at different accommodations and hotels in Gulmarg. Make sure that you book your hotels at least 6-7 months in advance. There are various budget and luxury hotels in Gulmarg and you can book hotels on different online booking websites.

Best hotels at Gulmarg

There are different types of accommodation available in Gulmarg. The basic and comfortable accommodation in Gulmarg is the tents. You can stay at the tent or stay in a tent and can also stay in cottages and other type of facilities at the same time. The basic food items are available at the cottages and the place does not provide any extra facilities.

Other accommodation options are the resorts. The best known hotels in Gulmarg are the resorts. These resorts are the budget and semi-budget accommodation with all the modern facilities. The prices of these resorts are quite high and the hotels provide all the services for a perfect holiday.

Hotels at Gulmarg

Cottage Hotel

Gulmarg Cottage is a lovely cottage hotel at Gulmarg. You can book a small cottage along with your accommodation. This cottage is designed to offer you with comfortable stay. You can stay in rooms, attached cottages or bungalows. The place provides you with all the basic amenities like dining hall, swimming pool, garden, lawns and garden.

Price: From 2,400

Resorts at Gulmarg

There are different resorts at Gulmarg. There are some luxurious and luxurious hotels in Gulmarg. These resorts have all the modern facilities like swimming pool, restaurant, bar, gym, spa, lawns, garden, lawns, etc. The place is surrounded by different facilities and offers you with the best stay and food. The prices of these resorts are quite high.

Prices: From 7,500 to 14,000

The price of these resorts depends on the facilities that are provided in the resort and the location of the place. The more the place is near to the mountains, the higher the price of the place. The places near the mountains provide you with beautiful view, greenery and the snow.

Hotels in Gulmarg

There are various hotels in Gulmarg. There are several hotels available in Gulmarg. The places offer you the best accommodation with good facilities. The prices of these hotels are affordable. You can stay in different types of rooms like the suite, deluxe room, deluxe room, etc. The place is easily accessible and all the basic facilities like food, water, swimming pool, entertainment, etc. are also provided.

Hotel prices vary depending upon the location of the place and the facilities that are provided. The budget hotels in Gulmarg are the least expensive options for you. The prices start from 900 for a night. The expensive hotels in Gulmarg are the resorts. These resorts provide you with a perfect holiday experience and all the modern facilities are provided.

Tents in Gulmarg

The basic and cheapest accommodations in Gulmarg are the tents. These are the budget options and provide you with the basic facilities and comfort. You can enjoy the beauty of mountains at these places. The place provides you with facilities like swimming pool, lawns, garden, lawns, etc. and there are no additional charges. You can stay in different types of tents like thatched, canvas, steel, etc. 

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