Growth of the Entertainment Industry

by Anvika aryaAugust 19, 2020
Growth of the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry refers to any form of artistic activity that imparts enjoyment and excitement or holds an individual's interest and focuses. It can either be an activity or an idea, but most often is more likely to be either one of those activities or events which have evolved over hundreds of years, specifically with the objective of maintaining the attention of an audience. It usually involves creating, performing, and creating art, film, television, video games, and other creative activities.

Theatre, music industry, film industry, and television industry are just a few of the many sectors or types of activities that fall under the category of entertainment. This has allowed the emergence of different types of people who specialize in different areas to serve as entertainers and presenters in many events and shows. The performing arts is quite dominant and common across most of the countries or areas in the world today. The entertainment industry includes various fields such as film, music, theatre, photography, visual arts, publishing and advertising, publishing and marketing, video games, computer games, sport, and fitness, publishing, and media production.

This can also be sub-divided into the creative industry, mass media, the digital and internet-based entertainment industry. The creative industry refers to creative activities, including visual arts, drama, music, film, literature, and visual communications. Mass media include popular culture, sport, news and entertainment, movies and television, and other interactive means of delivering information and entertainment to the public.

The first performing arts organization was the London theatrical play in the 16th century, referred to collectively as the Globe theatre. Since then, the London musical and drama industry has evolved into what we know today as the major performing arts organization worldwide. This industry has shown remarkable development and expansion in all spheres of the performing arts. This industry's evolution is marked by the growth of new professional mediums for producing entertainment such as the Internet, digital recording and duplication, stage productions, video games, and other new and modern approaches to the media. Among all these mediums, one of the most developed and fastest-growing industries in the performing arts industry is theater.

Another significant industry is the Film industry, where movies, theatre, music, television, and other forms of live entertainment are produced, staged, and exhibited. The film industry also incorporates other areas such as film studies, animation, visual arts, sound, and digital media. As far as the music industry is involved, it is an international music business that caters to the interests of music artists, band managers, agents, music manufacturing, and distribution companies. The film and television industry also caters to the ever-growing demands of entertainment. Therefore, even from a broad perspective of both the entertainment and the exhibition industry, India can boast great potential for both.

A vibrant and growing entertainment industry can generate employment opportunities in varied sectors such as the film and TV industry, the music industry, and musical theatre. It is no longer a surprise that several foreign investors are jumping into Indian business ventures through purchasing shares or property or even investing in the start-up of a new company. The increasing demand for entertainment at events such as the Mumbai International Film Festival, Toronto International Carnival, and other popular events have further attracted several multi-brand tie-ups and tie up with leading production houses from across the world. 

India's mass media entertainment industry is also providing platforms to other performance art groups such as the theatre and dance. The impact of these performers on global events and their popularity at domestic events has encouraged multi-media firms to invest in this entertainment sector.

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