Hollywood's Censorship

by Anvika aryaNovember 3, 2020
Hollywood's Censorship

The Hollywood industry of the United States has always had a significant influence on the movie industry worldwide since the beginning of the twentieth century. Starting from the late thirties, films like Lawrence of Arabia, Gone With The Wind, and Casablanca changed how people view war and pictures in general. 

Since the beginning of Hollywood productions, the entire production code was followed, and almost every aspect of the movies was carefully planned and executed. As a result, movies today reflect life precisely as it happened, instead of mere entertainment. A modern-day person will be hard-pressed to find anything that is not a part of a classic Hollywood production. Some of the most common Hollywood films include Walt Disney, King Kong, Superman, Jaws, Shrek, horror films, and superheroes.

As Hollywood's popularity increases, more foreign producers are interested in making movies in the US, so Hollywood as a whole is getting more international. This has led to a new trend in Hollywood as far as the type of movies being made is concerned. Nowadays, there is hardly any censorship in Hollywood, at least when it comes to sex and violence. Women are liberated and participate actively in every aspect of the movie industry, from casting to directing. It comes as no shock that movies today are becoming more family-oriented. The advent of computer technology has also significantly impacted the movie industry because the old movie cameras were replaced with a digital video recorder or DVR. This new technology has revolutionized the entire movie industry, and now family movies can be produced at home for low budgets.

The arrival of the internet has also influenced Hollywood. Today, people worldwide can access the Hollywood studios and watch all their favorite movies online. There is no longer any requirement for a DVD copy or a VHS tape to view a movie. If you prefer seeing a specific film, you only need an internet connection, and you can have your fill of Hollywood production code administration. As long as you do not live in the city, you can benefit from watching your favorite movies without ever leaving the comforts of your home.

With the advent of the internet and digital video recorder, there has been a severe reduction in the amount of money spent on producing a Hollywood film. In the past, studios required a huge budget to produce a picture. The expenses included post-production costs such as visual arts supervisor salaries, music, dance, sound editing, and the cast and crew expenses. All these expenses made it difficult for smaller producers to enter the realm of Hollywood.

Luckily, this has changed with the arrival of PCA. PCA or the Public Company Administration is an agency formed by the Motion Picture Association of America's censors. This organization has negotiated with the studios for lower production budgets and improved release schedules. Today, a producer can show his/her project to the general public without spending a penny out of pocket. The advent of PAA and its affiliates, such as Disney and Participant Media, has greatly benefited the Hollywood community.

Over the years, the movies' style and genre kept evolving, but the heart and soul of what we know today as Hollywood is the Hollywood industry. Most movies produced here are known worldwide for their creativity, emotion, romance, and drama. American film's leading style is the classic Hollywood film, which typifies most films produced there.

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