House Republicans are calling on the Biden administration to release more information about its handling of documents marked classified found in a private office once used by President Biden.

The request from Republican House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer comes after the committee interviewed Gary Stern, the top lawyer for the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), in January.

Stern told the committee that NARA had drafted a statement in response to the CBS News report on Jan. 9 that classified documents had been found at the Penn Biden Center in Washington. But that statement, Stern said, was never sent to news organizations.

Asked to say who prevented the statement from being published, Stern declined. "According to [Justice Department] guidance, I'm not supposed to talk about the, you know, content of our communications with other parties," he replied.

Comer is now seeking to answer that question. His letter, sent to White House chief of staff Jeff Zients Tuesday, requests communication and documents "regarding the withholding of NARA's statement it intended to issue on January 9, 2023."

The letter notes that NARA issued a statement in February 2022 after The Washington Post reported classified records had been found at former President Trump's Florida estate.

Comer also asks whether President Biden would release his personal attorneys' communications with NARA. The president is under no obligation to do so, though NARA already has. Under the Freedom of Information Act, a limited batch of those e-mails was made public in February.

Comer set a March 21 deadline for the White House to comply with his request. Tuesday's letter follows three previous letters from the committee seeking documents and communications regarding the classified document matter.

In early November, personal attorneys for President Biden discovered around ten documents marked classified at an office used by Mr. Biden between 2017 and 2019. The papers originated from Mr. Biden's service as vice president and some were marked top secret.

Mr. Biden's attorneys informed White House counsel of the finding and notified the National Archives. The Archives' inspector general then informed the Department of Justice.

In December, more classified documents were found at Mr. Biden's Wilmington home.

The White House did not acknowledge that classified documents had been found at the office space until CBS News sought comment on the story in mid-January. Later that week, it acknowledged those found at the house.

Throughout, Mr. Biden has maintained that he had no knowledge of the classified material in his possession and has been cooperating with Justice Department officials since November.

Special counsel Robert Hur is now in charge of the case.

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