How Long Does a Tax Rebate Take Once Submitted?

by Luna johnsonMarch 9, 2023
Tax Rebate

If you paid too much tax on expenses such as work expenses, you could get a tax rebate (or tax refund) back from HMRC. With RIFT, you can easily claim back any tax you owe, and a typical rebate is worth £2,500.

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How Long Does a Tax Rebate Reach Your Bank Account?

As soon as HMRC has approved the refund amount, everything moves pretty quickly. In terms of the time it takes HMRC to process a tax return, you can probably expect them to take 8-10 weeks to do their part.

Online tax rebate can also be submitted and checked. 

The process of putting together your claim usually takes about 4 weeks after we have all your information. Once it is ready, it is sent to HMRC, which reviews it. Within 3 working days of getting the green light and confirmation of the total, we take our fee and get the money to you. As soon as the cash is on its way, they will contact you by phone and text. In terms of receiving your refund, you have two options: a check or a direct bank transfer.

How long are you going to wait? You can start your tax rebate right now.

Tax Rebate Claims Average Timescales

  • Uniform tax refund: 6 -12 weeks
  • Flat rate expenses tax refund: 6 -12 weeks
  • Professional fees tax refund: 6 -12 weeks
  • Business tax refund: Up to 12 weeks
  • Left / Leaving the country tax rebate: 6 -12 weeks
  • Tool tax back: 12 -24 weeks

A tax rebate can be refunded sooner than the suggested time frames above. As well as taking longer due to factors beyond our control.

Am I Owed a Tax Rebate?

Often people are unaware that their everyday costs can be used to reduce their taxes owed, meaning they can claim a yearly refund from HMRC. Online tax rebate can also be submitted and checked. Below are some basic examples:

  • Tax relief on the difference if you drive your own vehicle to work and your employer does not reimburse you the full 45p per mile allowance.
  • If you're paying for public transportation to get to temporary workplaces and your employer isn't reimbursing you, you can claim tax relief.
  • The cost of buying your own meals while travelling for work can be quite high.
  • Costs of accommodation, such as when an offshore worker stays in a hotel the night before heading out to a rig
  • Uniforms and specialized clothing are repaired, replaced, and laundered on a regular basis.
  • Make sure your work tools or equipment is in good working order by repairing or replacing them.
  • Subscriptions to professional organizations, unions, or licenses 
  • Expenses associated with training courses that are essential to your career

How Much Tax Will I Get Back?

To determine how much money you are owed back from HMRC, use the Tax Rebate calculator.

When you pay for travel to work, food at work, and washing your own uniform or personal protective equipment, and your employer does not cover these costs, you pay tax on these things.

With the RIFT Tax Rebate calculator, you can see how much tax you may be able to claim back based on your income, tax paid, and expenses.

Ways To Speed Up Your Tax Rebate Claim

The tax savings process can usually be sped up by using an agent like tax rebate services. By using Tax Rebate Services, you will be able to benefit from the following:

  • It is important to know exactly what the tax office needs the first time to avoid questions and requests for more information.
  • Each claim is tracked quickly by dedicated agent helplines.
  • You will have access to account managers to deal with any tax office mistakes as quickly as possible.

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