How to Handle an Unlawful Termination

by Anvika aryaNovember 18, 2022
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With the onset of Covid, the wheels in the corporate world started to move slower than before. But, there has been one thing that kept on increasing amidst the pandemic, i.e., the number of unlawful termination of jobs of millions of people around the globe owing to the economic collapse and high competition in the same position. 

If you have also fallen prey to such a law case that made you lose your reputation or, worse, your job, to something you were not even responsible for, here is a guide on legal assistance you can get from a social security disability lawyer and on how to handle that situation like a pro. Here are some practical tips that will help you get through a situation like that in no time:

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Know the Company Guidelines

The most important thing that you must go through after you join a company is to go through its general guidelines. Every company has its own set of rules, regulations, and code of conduct in place, and you are supposed to abide by those rules in order to excel in that company. 

Particularly, do have a look at the off-boarding procedure and termination clauses in the code of conduct of that company. Analyze your situation and know whether the company followed specific off-boarding procedures or not. Then make your next move accordingly. Make sure when you join a new company, you have a clause added in the contract that ensures a penalty payment in case of unlawful termination of the job. 

Claim Your Rights Professionally

When a company gives you the termination notice, the first thing you would want to do is check if it is as per the regulation and the policies. Also, check if the reason for the termination is valid or not. For instance, if a company fires you for not doing something that does not come under your scope of the job description, then the termination would be deemed unlawful. 

In such a case, go to HR and register a complaint with all your concerns professionally mentioned. Some people make the mistake of getting aggressive at this time which gives the company a reason to fire them, that too a lawful one that was otherwise not there. Ask for your rights, reimbursement, or penalty amount in a professional manner. 

Seek Legal Help

If the management of the company declines to cater to your concerns and continues to function as per usual. It is time to take legal action. You might have a family lawyer, and your first instinct would be to go to a lawyer who will have a specialty in family law. But, it would be a bad idea as you want someone who has dealt with a situation like this. Therefore, a lawyer that caters to social security disability will best serve your purpose. 

Now consult with your lawyer, get your facts straight, state everything without any ambiguity, and file a case in court.

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