How To Improve US Healthcare System?

by Anvika aryaJanuary 10, 2022
How To Improve US Healthcare System?

The American healthcare system is a textbook example of inefficiency. It is, by far, the most expensive system in the world, accounting for 18 percent of our GDP. From life expectancy to childhood mortality, almost all quality indicators place the country in the bottom half of the world's industrialized nations.

The inefficiencies of the US healthcare system have bred a sense of doom and gloom. We can attain better quality healthcare at lower costs with high service standards if we catapult US health care into the twenty-first century. We can use techniques to improve the US healthcare system as follows.

Technology has been the most important driver of enhanced performance in most industries during the last decade. Health care is still an outlier. There are three options for personalizing and drastically improving the quality of medical care.

The first is a comprehensive electronic health record that links doctors and hospitals throughout the community. Doctors cannot deliver the finest medical care unless they have information at every point of contact. Knowing the patient improves the chances of getting the best results and lowers the expenses of inefficiency and redundancy.

The second group of possibilities is related to mobile devices. A physician must perform a physical examination or use hands-on interventions for many clinical conditions, but this is not always the case. A digital snapshot shows that 70% of rashes can be appropriately diagnosed and treated. In many cases, a familiar physician can handle a patient’s problem via secure email or video visits.

Finally, organizing and utilizing the massive amounts of data being collected to perform predictive modeling has the potential to transform medicine from an art to a science. Predictive modeling will aid doctors in determining which patients in the hospital are most likely to deteriorate and end up in the critical care unit, allowing for more aggressive therapy to begin before they deteriorate.

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