How to Make the Right Amenity Selections for a 5-Star Hotel?

by zoya aryaJanuary 19, 2023

You should refrain from investing in services and amenities like hotel kitchenettes or family exclusion vacations. Consequently, it would be best if you chose 5-star hotels in Jinja that suit your facility's theme/category.

How Do You Go About Choosing Hotel Amenities?

Before choosing the finest hotel amenities for your resort, you should consider the following factors. So, let us investigate them.

A typical room could feature the following:

  • Cabinet with hangers Box of safety Table and chair for studies Table for coffee Stationeries Towels Toiletries Minibar with Smart TV
  • As you can see, some amenities (minibar items, toiletries, and stationery) are available to guests, while others can be used but have yet to be taken.
  • Other classifications include luxuries (spa, theatre room, or private pool in suites).
  • Creative touches (welcome/departure gifts, fruit basket in room, grass arrangement on balcony, books to read in space).

Identify the Guest Segment

Understanding your target categories is the first and most crucial step in selecting hotel amenities. For example, if your hotel predominantly caters to business travelers, the facilities required will differ from those needed for family vacationers.

Business Travel

A business traveler would look for a hotel with laundry services, Wi-Fi, conference rooms, a travel desk with pick-up and drop-off services, and other amenities. On the other hand, a family may prefer a hotel with amenities oriented toward youngsters or the elderly, such as 24-hour restaurants/coffee shops, recreational activities (swimming pool, outdoor games, or open lawns), or rooms with kitchenettes.

Travel Planning

Spend time researching your consumers while deciding which amenities are most important for your hotel. Then, you can list the most popular among each passenger category.

Once you've compiled a list, organize it according to which customers visit your resort the most and what amenities they require.

Recognize the Nature of Your Budget

Another essential factor to consider is the type of property. I've written numerous pieces about hospitality businesses, and one common thread is investing in proper guest amenities. On the other hand, if you run a business hotel, your main focus is on corporate clients.

Look into the Preferences of Your Guests

When choosing hotel amenities, keep in mind tourist preferences. It is feasible with reviews and feedback analysis.

Consider adopting reputation management software, which will provide a comprehensive report on visitors' desires and what can be done to optimize their stay.

Looking for trends adopted by other hoteliers may also be valuable. For example, investigate the most famous hotel amenities among tourists and note them for future use.

Take a look at your financial status.

After you've produced a list of all the hotel facilities your resort will require, it's time to confront one of the most challenging obstacles hoteliers face: money.

The present pandemic, as we all know, has impacted the tourist and hotel businesses. As a result, several hotels have closed or are functioning in secret.

Tourism for Wrath Therapy

Visitors are taking measures even though retribution tourism is popular. So, purchase the new features that your visitors have requested. But instead, consider if it is feasible to invest within your Budget.

If not, give up certain comforts for the time being, but don't settle for low-quality goods.


Hotel facilities have a significant impact on the tourist experience. As a result, visitors consider it one of the most important factors when booking a property.

You may fill your hotel with many amenities, but you must decide which ones are useful.

Take a page from this blog and assess your hotel's amenities before taking the required steps to add them to your resort. Then, please let me know in the comments if I should add more features.

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