How to Take Screenshots on an iPhone 11 Pro

by Anvika aryaDecember 29, 2022
iPhone 11 Pro

Ever since smart devices have become the norm, manufacturers have been adding more and more features to the devices. One of these features that have been coming with smart devices is the screenshot feature. Taking a screenshot is just as simple as counting, 1,2,3. However, there are tons of ways to take a screenshot on an iPhone 11 Pro. That’s why today, I’m going to cover this very topic.

In this article, you’ll learn about the following:

  • What are screenshots
  • How to take screenshots on an iPhone 11 Pro

For those who are new to using a smart device, or in particular, the iPhone 11 Pro, let’s begin with going over what screenshots are.

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What Are Screenshots

There’s no person in the world that doesn’t know what screenshots are (except for those who don’t really use smart devices). They are basically images that you capture of the currently visible screen of smart devices such as an iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro Max, or iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

You normally take a screenshot in scenarios where you want to save information on the screen that can’t be saved any other way. Usually, these contain anything ranging from simple conversations to full images. 

You can use third-party apps for taking screenshots, but in most scenarios, the inbuilt feature of taking screenshots is more than enough. Plus, I don’t recommend using third-party unnecessarily because they can put your device in danger.

If you take screenshots from other devices, such as a laptop or an Android such as Samsung or Xiaomi, there is no normal way to extract text from screenshots. You can extract it, but it can be a bit tricky.

However, if you want to extract text from an iPhone 11 Pro, you can extract it directly from the screenshots. Granted, you’ll need to upgrade your current version of iOS to at least the iOS 15 version. Plus, if you go a step further to iOS 16, you’ll also be able to copy text from videos directly. Just pause them and double-click the text you want to extract.

Now that you know about screenshots on an iPhone and other devices, let’s jump to the main topic, which is how you can take them.

How to Take Screenshots on an iPhone 11 Pro

As I said previously, taking screenshots isn’t a difficult task at all. There are several ways you can take a screenshot on a smart device like the iPhone 11 Pro. Here are some ways of taking screenshots on iPhone 11 Pro.

  1. Using the Hardware Buttons: On an iPhone 11 Pro, you can take screenshots by quickly pressing and releasing both the Side button and Volume Up button at the same time. In order to take a screenshot, the screen will flash white. You can find your screenshots in the Photos app. 
  2. Using Assistive Touch: By pressing and holding the Assistive Touch icon on your Home screen, you can take a screenshot. Once the menu pops up, select Device > More > Screenshot to take one.
  3. Using Siri: You can also take screenshots using Siri by saying, “Take a screenshot” or “Take a picture of my screen”. This will open the Camera app and capture whatever is on your display. 
  4. Using 3D Touch: To open the Quick Actions menu on an iPhone 11 Pro with 3D Touch enabled, press firmly on the left side of the display. Select Take Screenshot from this menu to capture your display. 
  5. Using Apple Watch: If you have an Apple Watch, you can take a screenshot and have it automatically appear in the Photos app on your iPhone 11 Pro. To do this, press firmly on the Display of your Apple Watch to bring up the Control Center. Tap to select Take Screenshot from here, and the app will save it on your iPhone 11 Pro. 
  6. Using AirPlay: If you want to capture a video or recording that is playing on another device, you can use AirPlay to mirror it onto your iPhone 11 Pro and then take a screenshot. To do this, select your desired source device and tap Screen Mirroring in Control Center. Once mirrored, take screenshots, as usual, using any of the above methods. 
  7. Using Third-Party Apps: Not a recommended way but third-party apps such as Screen Capture Pro and Screenshot Maker allow you to take screenshots with additional features such as cropping and editing. You can download such apps from the App Store. 
  8. Using Shortcuts: You can create a shortcut on your iPhone 11 Pro that allows you to quickly capture a screenshot. To do this, open the Shortcuts app, add the “Take Screenshot” action, and customize it however you want. When ready, tap Done and then toggle it on the main page of the app. Now, whenever you need to take a screenshot, just tap the shortcut icon, and your screenshot will be taken immediately.


By using these methods, you can easily take a screenshot on your iPhone 11 Pro. I personally use the hardware button method because it’s the simplest and the most widely known method. Other than that, I use the assistive touch method, which also comes in handy in certain situations.

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