5 Important Things You Should Always Discuss With Your Gynaecologist

by Anvika aryaNovember 18, 2022

Your gynaecologist will work with you regularly to maintain your reproductive health. A gynaecologist diagnoses and treats conditions specific to women. These conditions include irregular period problems, menopause, contraception, infertility, and family planning. In addition, gynaecologists deliver health, hormonal, and surgical treatments. 

However, it is difficult to remember to bring up every single topic during a visit to the gynaecologist. So here are a few points to always discuss with your gynaecologist. However, it can be challenging to find the best gynaecologist in Kolkata to discuss your symptoms and condition.

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Who is a Gynaecologist?

A gynaecologist is a specialised physician who treats and diagnoses diseases related to the reproductive system (vagina, ovaries, vulva, and uterus).

Five Important Points You Should Always Discuss with Your Gynaecologist in Kolkata

Consulting and properly discussing with your gynaecologist is important to maintain the reproductive system and overall health. Moreover, appointments can run on a tight schedule, so you should remember important points to discuss with your gynaecologist. Some of those points are:

1.Sexual History

Many women are often worried that their gynaecologist will judge them. Your gynaecologist has to enquire about your age at first sexual activity (intercourse), how many partners you have had, if they had any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), gender identity or sexual orientation. These questions are important for many reasons: 

  • To know how often you should get screened for STDs 
  • To discuss potential problems of past STDs 
  • Know the risk factors for HPV infection and cervical dysplasia 
  • To make sure that you are receiving the best care possible

Furthermore, you should also share your medical history in detail. A few important points you should mention are diseases you suffered from, previously taken medications, allergies, and any genetic disorder or family medical history. These are all important details you should mention to your gynaecologist in Kolkata. They will help in the diagnostic process and give you proper treatment. 

2.Report any sign of Discomfort “Down There”

You should report to your gynaecologist if you notice discomfort or pain near your labia. These signs could help gynaecologists to diagnose the underlying condition. The changes you should discuss are:

  • Growth or swelling bumps: Some bumps can be just a pimple and can also be signs of genital warts or herpes lesions. 
  • Vaginal odour: Having an odour is normal, but a change in odour or foul smell could indicate a vaginal infection. 
  • Irregular or painful periods: Discomfort during the period’s time is normal. However, extreme pain could be a sign of endometriosis. 
  • Low sex drive or painful sex: There are so many underlying causes associated with this, and it requires proper treatment. 

3.Urinary or Faecal Incontinence 

Women may experience urinary or faecal incontinence after delivery. Especially women who deliver a large baby through a vagina require a vacuum or forceps. Moreover, these symptoms worsen for women entering menopause. This cannot be very pleasant to talk about; however, by discussing with your gynaecologist, they can come up with proper treatment options like medication, lifestyle changes, and surgery. Furthermore, if required, they can direct you to a pelvic floor disorder specialist. So, search for a gynaecologist in Kolkata to get a proper diagnosis and treatment for your symptoms or you can book doctor appointment for the same. 

4.Low Libido

Most women do not realise that low libido is more common, and it is important to talk to your gynaecologist about your symptoms. However, you do not need to feel uncomfortable to have a proper discussion. To treat low libido, you will first have to discover the exact reasons for the libido. However, there can be different underlying causes, such as side effects of medications, an underlying medical condition, or an effect of a known condition. In addition, it may be associated with other reasons like stress for some women. 

Furthermore, women with lengthy and continuous relationships are less likely to be affected compared to those early started relationships. In these cases, discuss with your gynaecologist in Kolkata and get treatment options to increase your libido or refer you to a counsellor naturally. 

5.Menstrual Health 

An average menstrual period occurs once a month for 4-5 days. Women experience regular back pain, mild cramps, or mood swings. However, some women experience extreme pain and cramps. Furthermore, this can be an indication of uterine fibroids or endometriosis. Other signs to look out for are bleeding between menstruation and frequent spotting. Discuss these symptoms with your gynaecologist regularly; they can help you get a proper diagnosis and develop a treatment plan according to your symptoms. 

Avoid being in a hurry or a stressful mood when you go to your appointment. Use these pointers to talk about all the important things with your gynaecologist in Kolkata. It is necessary to make the most use of your time as this is related to your overall well-being. You can use Bajaj Finserv Health to book doctor appointment with the best professional to start your healthy reproductive journey. 

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