Secrets for Women Leaders to Increase Credibility

by Anvika aryaJuly 1, 2021,
Secrets for Women Leaders to Increase Credibility

Despite women possessing equal capabilities, the workplace can still be a tough climb for women compared to their male counterparts. As a woman in leadership, you probably face the challenge of proving yourself and working more to establish your credibility to climb the ladder of success. It shouldn’t have to be this way, and this article will help women learn the secrets of balancing the scales from other established leaders.

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Speak With Credibility 

“In my experience I have found when women start phrases with ‘I think…’ they are perceived as giving their opinion and it often opens up the opportunity for them to be challenged. Whereas, if they start with ‘In my experience…’ or ‘Data shows…’. then they are speaking from fact and it instills credibility.”

Tracy Sestili, VP of Marketing at Fountain

Create Internal And External Networks

 “I believe, as a leader, that the importance of a strong network for a leader can not be overstated. A leader must accomplish so much that he or she can not do it without a strong network and connections with people from various fields. Networks are especially important for people at the top of an organization's hierarchy. This is because a leader does not have to do the work themselves; instead, they must enlist the help of others, which necessitates the development of a strong network both within and outside the organization.” says Edward Mellett, founder/co-founder of WikiJob.co.uk.

Effective Self-promotion, Not Aggressive Self-promotion

Mellett also focuses on the importance of knowing your worth; “The most common error made by female leaders is undervaluing themselves. To persuade others of their worth, a leader must first understand their own worth. Furthermore, understanding your own worth is just as important as selling yourself to the rest of the world. A leader must demonstrate their power in order to use it, but the goal is to sell yourself effectively rather than aggressively, because aggression will get you nowhere, but intelligence will.”

Develop Strong Communication Skills And Emotional Mastery

Finally, Mellett advises how to maintain a professional tone at all times; “At work, displaying a range of emotions can be unavoidable. When dealing with different people, one can experience a variety of emotions, but it is critical for a leader to master their emotions. They must understand how to control their emotions and when and how to express them. Furthermore, strong communication skills are critical for those in positions of leadership. This is because half of a leader's job entails conveying information to subordinates and completing tasks.”

Be Dependable

“To develop credibility, you must first establish trust, then earn trust, and then get trust. People will trust you if they like you, and they will do business with you if they trust you. Your trust account takes precedence over your bank account.” says Managing Editor of Authority Astrology; Jennifer Foster.

Possess Competence

Jennifer Foster also emphasizes the importance of developing expertise; “Develop into an expert in your area, someone who is capable of analyzing a problem and developing many viable answers. Be confident in your skills so that others know they can rely on you.”

Maintain Consistency

Foster advises to ensure consistency key to credibility; “Every action, statement, and thought should be consistent. Your words, actions, and the things you let into your heart and head the ideas should all be completely consistent with who you are and what you do. Credibility is achieved only when all aspects of an organization are consistent, from the inside out.”

Some Final Essential Tips

“Women often have a harder time than men establishing themselves as leaders. I spent a 30-year career in advertising and worked my way up the ranks to become CEO of J. Walter Thompson, NY. Along the way, I've coached a lot of women to establish themselves. A few tips:

“1. Learn to say no: It can be extremely powerful. Women often feel like they will be branded as difficult if they say no, but prioritize your opportunities will likely set you up for success and certainly establish your credibility.

“2. Be a thought leader: Don't be afraid to create content (blogs, articles, videos) around your experiences, your perspective and your journey.

“3. Be clear about what you want: Don't watch other people get promoted over you and wonder why. Make sure your goals are known within your organization- and by your boss. You want to be seen as a serious contender for the big jobs.

“4. Network like crazy: Men do this naturally, but it's one of the easiest ways to establish yourself. Get outside of your comfort zone and meet people in different industries and different levels and if you find someone you want to learn from, don't be afraid to ask them to advise or mentor you.”

Lynn Power, Co-Founder & CEO MASAMI

It can be vital to understand how you can stand out and excel. These were the key areas that females need to focus on to work their way to success. The advice here can give you an expert edge over your competition every day of the week, because you deserve to be recognized just as much.

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