Better Protection Through Integrated Security Systems

by Anvika aryaDecember 31, 2022
Integrated Security Systems

The physical security of any commercial property has multiple benefits. It protects all business assets and keeps clients and employees safe. Security also provides a record of any illegal behavior performed on-site. This visual record makes it easier to cover losses in court or through an insurance claim. Integrating security combines multiple forms of surveillance to detect intruders, interrupt their behavior, and keep them in place for identity recording or until law enforcement arrives. Integration of these systems can benefit any business owner.

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Reduce Security Threats

Every form of security a company uses will reduce its risk of losses. Any criminal will choose the easiest target. The crime could be theft or vandalism, and the perpetrator will want an easily accessed building or lot where they can remain anonymous. A security camera, alarms, and motion sensors can each reduce the chances of becoming a target. Adding all protective methods through integrated security systems can make the property unappealing to most people.

Protection of property does not always mean stopping theft. Integrated systems can also detect and notify authorities during other property-damaging events. Some examples include broken water pipes, a fire, and damage during storms. The early detection of problems like these through 24-hour monitoring can reduce property damage. The installation of a security system could even help lower insurance premiums because of the value of early detection.

Monitor Live Activity

Real-time monitoring offers enormous benefits over recorded video. Catching someone in the act can reduce property damage and have an intruder caught immediately rather than waiting for law enforcement to track down the offender. If the target is intellectual property, live monitoring can prevent crime and protect the property. Mitigating the damage of the theft of confidential corporate information may become impossible if relying only on recorded images after the theft occurs.

Lower Security Costs

Integrating a system through one provider will help lower overall security costs. Businesses and commercial property owners can gain a design that will work flawlessly together. One cohesive system will require fewer people to install the hardware and oversee the security protection. It may even use less overall equipment despite offering more protection. The provider of an integrated system will also maintain the programs and equipment and provide live surveillance so companies may not need to invest in on-site security guards for 24-hour protection.

Easier Consumer Use

An integrated system offers streamlined procedures for operation. The company will create a custom program designed for the client. Every business using the service will have a simple activation method for their system and have easy access to their records. The business owners will always know who to contact if questions arise or if there is a need to expand the protection or upgrade equipment.

Security system integration helps ensure all the systems and equipment used for protection are compatible. Businesses that use these methods will have the assurance of complete coverage and a consistent level of safety for their company and their employees. The ease of use, cost reduction, and other benefits make the investment worthwhile.

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