Intel ACM-G10 GPU is bigger than NVIDIA’s GA104

by Anvika aryaApril 1, 2022
Intel ACM-G10 GPU is bigger than NVIDIA’s GA104

The ACM series, based on the Xe-HPG microarchitecture, is Intel's new Arc GPU family for gaming.

The ACM GPUs' transistor count and die sizes have not been made public to all media outlets. However, it appears that HardwareUnboxed was able to get and corroborate this information, allowing us to compare the figures to those of both Intel competitors.

Intel ACM-G10 (formerly known as DG2-512EU) is 406 mm2 in size and has 21.7 billion transistors, according to their data. Both numbers are higher than AMD Navi 22 and NVIDIA GA104, the ARC GPU's ostensible opponents.

The transistor density is 20% higher than NVIDIA's and 6% higher than AMD's. However, the process nodes used by these GPUs range from 8nm to 6nm.

Only two Alchemist GPUs are planned by Intel: the ACM-G10 and ACM-G11. There were rumors of a planned 384EU variation called "G12," but it appears that the firm felt it wasn't necessary and it was left out of the mobile launch presentation.

The Arc GPU is smaller, with a 157 mm2 chip and 7.2 billion transistors. This is larger than the AMD Navi 24 GPU (also produced using the TSMC N6 process) with 107 mm2 and 5.4B, as well as the NVIDIA GA107 (approximately 200 mm2, but NVIDIA never confirmed the die size or transistor count for this GPU).

The huge Arc Alchemist GPU has long been reported to compete with the Radeon RX 00 and GeForce RTX 3070 series, and based on pure data alone, this appears to be realistic. Unfortunately, no performance numbers for Intel's ACM-G10 CPU have been released yet. This portion will be available in 'early summer' for Arc 5 and Arc 7 mobile GPUs, and ‘in summer' for desktop GPUs.

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