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by Luna johnsonJune 16, 2023

Dundee has a strong literary heritage, with notable authors such as William McGonagall having lived or worked in the city. It is also home to the University of Dundee's Cooper Gallery for contemporary art and has a number of other public museums and galleries.

You can find a carpenter or joiner in Dundee, Dundee City, UK by searching the Professionals section of Houzz and narrowing your search by style. You can then add images of designs to your Ideabook and contact professionals to discuss bespoke woodwork and installation.

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Types of Joinery

Joinery is a highly skilled trade that can incorporate a wide range of wooden constructions. This can include anything from bespoke furniture to timber doors and stairs. It is also possible for a joiner to create more structural elements such as bespoke cabinets and built-in shelves.

The craft of joinery requires the use of a wide variety of tools. These can range from hand tools such as chisels and mallets to more industrial machinery such as wood planers, belts and random orbital sanders, and wood routers. Other equipment includes various jigs such as pocket hole jigs and domino jigs. The craft also involves an in-depth knowledge of how to cut, shape and assemble different types of wood. This is due to the fact that wood is an anisotropic material, meaning its properties differ in different directions.

Bespoke joinery services Dundee is a specialized type of woodworking that is designed and created to fit specific specifications. This is an ideal way to add storage space or create a unique look for your home.

Bespoke Joinery

If you’re looking to make your home truly stand out, bespoke joinery is the perfect solution. A bespoke woodworker will create an interior that suits your taste, ensuring everything fits together seamlessly. This type of furniture is a great addition to any property and can add significant value if you’re planning on selling it in the future.

A good bespoke joiner will have a strong understanding of both contemporary and traditional styles, making them a versatile choice for any space. They will also be able to work around existing furniture, creating a cohesive look for the whole house. They can even use the unique qualities of wood to improve a home’s energy efficiency by providing extra insulation.

Bespoke joinery services Scotland is a great way to increase the value of your home without major alterations. Whether it’s a stunning staircase, perfect storage solutions, or period moldings, a skilled artisan will be able to make your vision a reality. They can even help you choose the right colours for your project, and will ensure that it matches the rest of your décor.


Kitchens are a type of room within a home that is used for cooking. They are usually located in the main part of the house and are equipped with a sink, stove, and cabinets. The kitchen can also include a dining area and a pantry.

A kitchen can be a dangerous place for children. A safety gate can help to restrict the movement of young children into the kitchen and thereby reduce accidents. In 1913, Christine Frederick published a series of articles on “New Household Management” which analysed household activities using Taylorist principles of efficiency and presented time-motion studies of kitchen activity.


A conservatory can add a whole new living space for family and friends to enjoy, flood your home with natural light and give you a panoramic view of your garden. However, it is important to take the time to research and choose your installer carefully before making a commitment.

In the past, conservatories were little more than greenhouses attached to a house. They were often built with a glazed roof and surrounded by walls and could be quite cold in winter. In addition, they were draughty because of the quality of glass and sealing available at the time. The glass was also thin because there was a tax levied on weight, so the panes were often very small.

Today’s modern conservatories are a far cry from the Victorian structure that was described by Louisa Caroline Tuthill in 1848 as “one of the most magnificent plant houses ever built”. They provide a comfortable and spacious place to relax, hobby and entertain and are designed to perfectly complement the architectural style of the house they are attached to.

Timber Frames

In timber framing, all the structural components are fabricated off-site and assembled on-site. The building process is much faster than conventional stud framing. It’s also easier to incorporate changes in design during the construction phase. This is because most of the walls in a timber frame home aren’t load-bearing. Instead, the beams and posts (called trusses) support the structure.

The trusses are then connected to the timbers with the help of pegs. These pegs may be nailed, but more often they are secured with mortise and tenon joints. This type of joint is a classic form of joinery that dates back to the days before sawmills, kilns and mass-produced nails.

Today, many timber frames are sheathed in SIP panels, which reduces the need for bracing and auxiliary members. Some are even built as hybrid structures that combine elements of conventional stud or log construction for cost savings and to meet code requirements.

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Timber frame construction is a more sustainable option than concrete and metal, as wood is a renewable resource that doesn’t release toxic chemicals into the environment. Similarly, the energy required to produce timber components is significantly less than that of steel and concrete.

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