In December 2020, Bad Bunny made history on the Billboard charts with the first No. 1 album performed entirely in Spanish (“El Último Tour del Mundo”). Now the Colombian pop star Karol G has set another record with the first Spanish-language LP by a woman to take the top spot.

Mañana Será Bonito” (“Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful”), the fourth studio album by Karol G — the 32-year-old singer born Carolina Giraldo Navarro, instantly recognizable for her bold hair colorings — displaces SZA’s “SOS” on the Billboard 200 after a nearly consecutive 10-week run at the top. “Mañana Será Bonito” opens with the equivalent of 94,000 sales in the United States, including 119 million streams and 10,000 copies sold as a complete package, according to data from the tracking service Luminate.

It is the latest sign of the growing commercial power of Latin music. Last year, Bad Bunny, from Puerto Rico, had the most popular album (“Un Verano Sin Ti”) and the biggest global tour. Karol G sold $70 million in tickets to her own tour, which Billboard said made it the highest-grossing tour of the United States by any Latin female artist in history.

Karol G’s arrival pushes SZA to second place in her 12th week out, while Gorillaz — the “virtual band” created by the musician Damon Albarn and the visual artist Jamie Hewlett — opens at No. 3 with “Cracker Island,” the group’s eighth studio album. Yeat, a Portland, Ore., rapper at the top of the semi-underground “rage” heap, debuts at No. 4 with “AfterLyfe,” and Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” is in fifth place.

Next week’s chart will undoubtedly be dominated by the country star Morgan Wallen, whose latest album, “One Thing at a Time,” came out on Friday. Like his last release, “Dangerous: The Double Album,” it is stuffed with catchy tunes about drinking, breakups and pickup trucks — “One Thing” has 36 tracks, “Dangerous” 30 — and it is already dominating streaming services.

The only real questions facing “One Thing” are how big it will open and how long it will last on the chart. “Dangerous,” which came out at the very beginning of 2021, spent 10 consecutive weeks at No. 1 and is now in sixth place, its 109th time in the Top 10.

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