Larimar Jewelry: Top 5 Must-Have Pieces

by Luna johnsonApril 19, 2023,
larimar jewelry

Many people work really hard and put in a lot of effort but are unable to fulfil their goals or find success in life. Larimar is the ideal gemstone for it as a result. Anyone dealing with these problems can benefit greatly from wearing a larimar jewelry stone. Larimar is an incredibly rare gemstone, a unique gemstone that is in blue hues. It's made up of a rare pectolite only found in the Dominican Republic of the Caribbean. It's a water stone representing the serene power of sky and water. 

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Healing Properties of Larimar

As we continue to discuss the advantages of Larimar Jewelry, we will learn more about how it can achieve relaxation, peace, and self-unity; it will bring harmony and balance to your energies. Also, Relieve stress imbalances, general anxiety, and panic attacks. The stone gives both mental and physical strength. People born in February typically wear jewelry with larimar as their birthstone.

Also, the Birthstone Jewelry is for those who are Leos by zodiac. By clearing the mind while you search for answers in life, this gem aids in problem-solving and draws new ideas to life. This stone boosts our self-esteem, improves our looks, and even looks for the health of our chakras through our work. It is also known as the Stone for Chakra Jewelry because it maintains the harmony of four out of seven chakras: the crown, the throat, the heart, and the third eye chakra. Wearing Larimar Jewelry can be particularly beneficial in these situations if you have been troubled or stressed out for a while. It facilitates the wearer to connect to oneself, gives confidence and courage to express yourself, and brings clarity to thoughts and feelings. 

Larimar's Top 5 Must-Have Pieces

  • Larimar Ring: are a great choice if you're looking for something a little different from conventional diamond or colored stone rings, especially if you're proposing the love of your life. Larimar stones set in sterling silver are on ‘must have ‘ list this year. They also make fantastic statement pieces.
  • Larimar Earrings: Nothing exudes elegance like a stunning pair of genuine Larimar Earrings. This year, white gold or silver larimar drop earrings are popular, especially when combined with inexpensive, vibrant doublet opals and accent stones. Stunning larimar stud earrings are also incredibly popular, with many buyers placing a high value on the quality and rarity of the gemstone. 
  • Larimar Necklace: Necklaces made of larimar have long been fashionable, and in 2023, this trend is expected to continue. They look extremely beautiful and attractive.  
  • Larimar Pendant: You can always go right with a Larimar Pendant, whether a clear and classy bezel set in gold or silver or a more elaborate, antique-style piece with superb gold work and gleaming diamonds. 
  • Larimar Bracelet: A piece of jewelry to reach for with all the aforementioned healing qualities. Larimar Bracelets are fashionable and go with any outfit. A fantastic piece of Jewelry for any beach attire. This pastel blue Larimar Jewelry is ideal for weddings or other joyful occasions.

How To Find The Difference Between Fake And Real Larimar

Larimar has seen its share of duplicates due to its scarcity.  A stone will always feel chilly, making it the easiest and first way to distinguish an actual stone from plastic or resin.  Plastic will adapt to the temperature of its surroundings.  Placing a needle over a flame and pressing it against a stone is a common way to distinguish plastic from stone.  It will melt against the needle if it is resin.  Stone will not be affected by fire or heat.  The "Lighter test" is the name given to this process.

Deposits of larimar have only been discovered in one location on Earth—an inaccessible mountain range on Hispaniola.  Less than one square mile is estimated to be the whole surface area of the Larimar deposits.

It is unknown why Larimar only exists in this one place, but since the collision of tectonic plates created the mountain range, the area was very volcanically active.  Larimar most likely arose as a result of a special volcanic event.

How to use Larimar Stones

When a larimar is held up to the skin, it can convey divine healing energies to where they are most needed, which is why it works so well. Larimar can also be worn as earrings to keep the upper chakras open, as well as a bracelet can be worn to regulate pulse. Also, the Larimar pendant is ideal because the stone immediately touches the throat. Also, enhancing communication and dispelling any throat chakra obstacles.

How To Clean Larimar Stone

Every crystal benefits from routine cleansing and charging. Keeping them cleansed and charged on a regular basis. Cleaning will ensure that they keep on at the top of their game. It's incredibly easy to clean your Larimar; run it briefly under running or spring water to release accumulated energy. A safer option to charge up your Larimar would be to leave it in soil for a little while. Or to employ non-invasive methods such as smudging or sound bathing your stone. Larimar is additionally photosensitive, so if you expose it to direct sunlight for an extended period, expect it to fade. 

Final Thought

Larimar symbolizes light and water, purification and serenity, stillness, and tenderness. This excellent dolphin stone might be for individuals who want to spread more of that healing energy around them. Larimar is always willing to assist us in overcoming our self-destructive tendencies, fostering our joy, and locating the road of love and communication. Let Larimar be your compass and buy this auspicious stone from Rananjay Exports, Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer & Supplier. They deals with Sterling Silver Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry, and both birth and chakra jewelry. Illuminate your beauty with the best of their gemstone jewelry.

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