Most Profitable Business Ideas During a Pandemic

by Anvika aryaMay 13, 2021,
Most Profitable Business Ideas During a Pandemic

While there is no doubt about the damages caused by the pandemic or the challenges it raises, there are also options arising to stay above water and help others along the way. According to Pew Research, 25% of households in the U.S had someone lose their job as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While there is a shortage of jobs, that doesn’t mean you need to struggle financially.

This is the time to harvest your skills and come up with creative solutions to keep things running. We’ve gathered opinions from business professionals to help you come up with a viable business solution in these trying times.

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Online and Flexible

“Those businesses that have thrived are the ones that have quickly adapted to the online world. Gyms, yoga teachers and personal trainers who have put their classes online. Coaches who have turned their in-person events into online events and retail who are able to offer online shopping options. Online and flexible is winning during the pandemic.”

Joe Wilson, Senior Career Advisor at MintResume

Life coaching is yet another business idea that has gained more traction during the pandemic. The uncertainty of the Covid-19 situation, plus the isolation and loneliness that comes with being holed up in their homes, have raised stress and anxiety levels in numerous individuals. As a result, many have turned to life coaches online for guidance and support.

Digital Marketing

“With every passing day, the importance of digital marketing is growing, making it crucial for businesses to pay attention to their business’ online visibility. With the increase in online competition, it has become difficult for businesses to make their way through the clutter into the digital market. Digital marketing services are a great need of today. If you have a good grip on digital marketing services like SEO Dubai , PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and website design & development, you can start your digital marketing business during this pandemic. Most of the small andmedium-sizedd businesses hire digital marketing agencies for digital marketing services instead of hiring an in-house team. So starting a digital marketing business at home can give you the freedom to start your work at home during this pandemic.”

Veronica Fernandes, at Creative Media Technology

Graphic Designer

“Small businesses and sole proprietors all want eye-catching advertising materials, but not everyone has a keen sense of aesthetics. You can start a graphic design company if you have a creative streak and know how to arrange content into a visually appealing format. You can include flyers, digital advertising, posters, and other engaging visual materials. Graphic design often has the advantage of having only a laptop and a desk as physical equipment.”

Tanya Zhang, Co-founder of Nimble Made

Catering From Home

“You should launch a home-based catering company with all of the talented chefs out there. The first move is to do some analysis on other home-based catering businesses and see what they sell and who their main buyers are. You'd then approach people you know and inquire about the types of services and menus they'd order from a caterer. Often, think about the niche in which you want to specialize. Finally, look at the rules governing home-based catering businesses in your jurisdiction.”

Ryan Dalal, CEO & Founder of JPG to PDF

Providing Digital Solutions

“The best business you can put up is providing digital solutions. Now that more brands are streamlining to digital integrations, it's strategic to take advantage of the current need of businesses right now, which is brand introduction and retention. A brand has to be formal and visually pleasing at the same time, as it will raise retentiveness and customer satisfaction. Not all businesses are well equipped to go along with the digital trend especially long-standing businesses that are still hinged to the more traditional ways. Thus it is the perfect opportunity for you to offer your service.”

Sherry Morgan, Founder Petsolino

Offer Digital Marketing Services

“Despite the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, many see the chaos as an opportunity to launch their business. However, building momentum online is not so easy: from search engine and conversion rate optimization to building a successful content marketing strategy, fresh founders SEO Dubai have their work cut out. As such, new and existing online businesses are always on the lookout for experts who can help them generate new levels of revenue and beat out similar competitors. If you're a skilled digital marketer, this could be one of the best ideas for you to pursue.”

Devin Schumacher, Founder at SERP

Start an Online Tutoring Company

“Being stuck at home can get pretty boring. As much as people enjoyed the downtime during the start of the pandemic, people quickly realized that they need to set and achieve goals to feel a sense of purpose and productivity. As a result, the demand for online tutoring and education has skyrocketed this past year. This creates a unique opportunity for you to take advantage and start an online tutoring company. The key advantages are that you can work from wherever as long as you have an internet-enabled device, and you're not limited in what you teach. If you have unique expertise and you know how to share it with others, that's really all you need to get started.”

Mark Hayes, Head of Marketing at Kintell

Medical Courier Service

“The most profitable business during a pandemic could be that of a medical courier service. Since there are strict restrictions on people moving out of their houses during a pandemic, a courier service that delivers medicine to the doorstep would be highly in demand by people. With a few resources and careful precautions, anyone can set their foot in this business.”

Mark Condon, Founder and CEO at Shoktkit.com

Digital is the Future

“Online businesses and e-commerce are booming right now especially at a time when more and more people are doing things online due to COVID-19. I highly suggest getting a strong digital presence in anything you do, even in the older demographic, as digital is the future of marketing even as COVID-19 ends.”

Kelly Maxwell is the CEO and founder of Seniors Mutual

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