Online Facial Recognition – An Effective Approach to Curb Identity Fraud

by Anvika aryaNovember 21, 2022

Simple passwords and OTPs are a thing of the past, as these credentials are easily hackable, exposing customers and businesses to unforeseen consequences. With increased cybercrimes, identity fraud risks, data breaches, and unauthorized access, mobile phone manufacturers need to develop more security measures for the devices. They need to replace PINs with more advanced authentication modes. 

With over 6.64 billion global mobile phone users, it has become a liability for manufacturers to provide them with more secure devices. AI-powered online facial recognition verification solutions are helping companies provide advanced alternatives to screen lock patterns. Services like instant feature scans and device unlocking help further enhance the customer experience. This blog sheds light on the advantages of face recognition solutions for mobile phone security.  

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Face Recognition Solutions are on the Rise in Cellular Industry

Online facial recognition verification is not new, but it was not this widespread in the past few years. Law enforcement agencies were using this technology to identify and track criminals. With digitization tossing innovation into the market more often, mobile phone manufacturers are also investing in integrating advanced security tactics. In the fight between facial recognition and fingerprint recognition, the former is seen taking the lead. Whereas, the latter has its own applications. 

Not every industry has yet incorporated distinct biological feature verification into their systems. However, online facial recognition is sure to take over every business. Similarly, mobile phone manufacturers are driving more security for users by integrating this technology for various purposes. Ranging from device unlocking, authorizing digital payment, and placing online orders, cell phones are serving as the medium for every online activity. 

The major factors bringing tremendous growth to the online facial recognition market include touchless device unlocking and the prevention of unauthorized access. More use cases of the biometric technology are described in the next section:

Enhancing Users’ Safety

This refers to the behavioral analysis of users by scanning their facial features. Assessing the position of their eyes, head movements, and other looks indicates if sleepy drivers or other employees need a wake-up call. Furthermore, online facial recognition restricts unauthorized access by scanning the features of users attempting to unlock a mobile phone. This way, actual owners can prevent the theft of confidential information. 

With AI-powered biometric face recognition cameras within electronic devices, criminal threats such as fund transfers can be prevented. Customers can associate gestures such as a wink or smile to log-in private accounts, banking apps, and others. 

Shaping Users’ Trust 

With more secure and convenient solutions incorporated into mobile phones, manufacturers are more likely to gain users’ trust. AI-powered online facial recognition solutions provide cell phone companies with cost-effective and more efficient user authentication solutions. By simply scanning their features, individuals can make purchases or transactions through their devices. Every sector including healthcare, gaming, and others are investing in face authentication solutions to secure their operation against fraud risks. 

Upgrading Cell Phones' Security 

Mobile phone manufacturers are using online facial recognition technology in unconventional ways within their devices. By providing seamless unlocking, authorized access to accounts, and multi-factor authentication, AI-powered IDV solutions are upgrading cell phones’ security in various manners. 

Amazon came up with the innovation of integrating face scanners to streamline payments. The platform introduced “Image Analysis for User Authentication” to assist customers more conveniently. By incorporating online facial recognition, Amazon is facilitating users’ ability to perform a transaction while simply winking or making any other gesture in front of their mobile phone cameras. 

Advantages of AI-Powered Biometric Facial Recognition Technology 

It automatically scans attributes such as the iris/retina, nose shape, space between eyes, jawline, and others. This AI-powered IDV technology also serves as an additional layer of security. Mobile phone manufacturers are bringing advancements to the devices, such as using passwords and cross-authenticating facial features to authorize online purchases along with payments. 

AI-powered online facial recognition provides real-time authentication that ensures that the user is present at the time of using the device. This helps businesses detect the liveness of customers to prevent spoof attacks. Similarly, this advanced technology enables mobile phone systems to identify impostors by strictly analyzing biological features. Online face recognition solutions are easy to integrate and cell phone manufacturers can help users customize features. This includes using certain gestures such as a smile, closed eyes, or much more. 

Key Takeaways

Online facial recognition solutions are rapidly replacing OTPs, passwords, and simple log-ins with instinctive biological feature scans. Due to weaker PINs, cybercriminals easily hack into the accounts of users while compromising their cell phone security as well. AI-powered integrated HydraFacial in Dubai cellphones cameras are serving various purposes from providing authorized access to making touchless payments. Hence, online face recognition services are the mobile phone manufacturers’ accuracy-promising solutions.

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