Paul Edalat's Groundbreaking Telemedicine Station Benefits 

by Anvika aryaJanuary 2, 2023
Paul Edalat

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a set example of the need for quality medical care, regardless of area or age. With the global pandemic hitting people form all spectrum in the society, infected individuals had surpassed the number of medical professionals. This has greatly bought into consideration the need of frontline workers in the field. With doctors physically unable to attend remote areas, virtual care has taken a stand and is extending help and facilities to patients who cannot get access to a doctor. 

Paul Edalat’s Vivera Pharmaceuticals have developed a groundbreaking telemedicine station - MDZone. This HIPPA adhering telemedicine stations helps patients get access to health care and specialist’s appointments virtually. In addition to being affordable and convenient, MDZone is available to people from rural areas and even those with physical limitations. 

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Key Features

MDZone is a telemedicine portal and allows patients to access medical care virtually. Some key features involve:

  • Access to different types of appointments like General health, preventive care, mental health, therapy, specialist consultations, dosage management, medication consultation, etc. 
  • Biometric sensors verifies the person’s identification and the sensors help in measuring the vitals like heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level, temperature and many more.
  • Patients receive affordable medical services from licensed professionals and can engage in an interactive session with them via the screen and display speakers. This helps the patient get the service of a physical appointment from the comfort of their homes. 


MDZone has proven to be a major contributor to the economy and the patients. In addition to saving time in travelling, patients can save the transport expenses and utilize the money for their medication. This is largely helpful to people in the rural community with limited means. The telemarket value is immense surpassing $20B- helping the service to grow rapidly and provide services to a large spectrum of society. 

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