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by zoya aryaJanuary 1, 2023,
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A week-long holiday in Puglia to discover the most beautiful beaches and cities of Salento

Salento is now known all over the world. And not just for the beautiful white sand beaches. In this area of ​​Puglia you can find charming villages and towns that are unique in the world. If you are undecided about your next holiday destination and are afraid of getting bored in just one location, you can decide to move every day to the most beautiful and characteristic places in the area.

Salento is never trivial: it manages to offer breathtaking seaside destinations , a few steps from wonderful cities of art, starting from the capital Lecce.

Certainly to be included in your itinerary there are also gastronomic stops, festivals  and historical places . If we decide to visit this area we must be ready to fall in love. The seven-day itinerary that we propose can be traveled by car, but, if you are sporty and travel light,  also by bicycle .

Ostuni, the white city

One of the most evocative places in Puglia is the Valle d'Itria, where a stop in the famous vineyards of Locorotondo for a gastronomic break and tasting of the well-known local wines is not to be missed for anything in the world. 

The perfect destination to stop is Ostuni , the 'white city ' which offers an enchanting view of the sea. If you want to stay in Ostuni, it is certainly worth trying the thrill of a traditional farmhouse in the area (check availability) .

The town of Avetrana

Centuries-old olive trees , wineries and fruit farms line the cycle path up to Avetrana , the ancient town, a resting place along the Via Appia, one of the main communication arteries of the Roman Empire, which connected Rome to Brindisi.

The city of Gallipoli

It starts from Avetrana and reaches the Ionian coast . After Torre Colimena, you reach Porto Cesareo . After a short inland detour, continue along the coast towards Gallipoli . The name of this town, a famous summer destination much loved by young people, comes from the Greek Kale Polis('beautiful city'), a well-deserved name. 

Gallipoli, in fact, is located at the end of what appears to be an impregnable and rocky peninsula, which stretches towards the sea. This town offers a lot to tourists, churches and museums to visit and delightful alleys to stroll. 

Even the port is a place to stop to savor the authenticity of the city, especially when the fishermen are at work. It is worth stopping for a few days in this town by staying in one of the many hotels.

The sanctuary of Santa Maria di Leuca

It is the southernmost point of Salento and, at the same time, the watershed between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea: Santa Maria di Leuca . The city is known for its church and for the pilgrimages that are made there, but also for the many sumptuous villas with bizarre and unusual architecture, commissioned by eccentric owners who love the sea.

Otranto and its castle

Our tour takes you along the southern coast of the Adriatic Sea, up to the Messapian city of Otranto , set in an enchanting landscape. The old part of the city is surrounded by a mighty wall and is dominated by the imposing Habsburg Castle. 

On the way to Otranto, you have the opportunity to visit the famous Zinzulusa cave . Another recommended stop is in Santa Cesarea Terme , known for its hydrotherapy treatments and radioactive mud therapy.

The historic center of Lecce

We continue along the coast, through countless olive groves up to Lecce, the last leg of the journey. Spend a few hours visiting the city, unique and fascinating for its Baroque -style buildings and churches . 

To visit the amphitheater and the Roman theater, both built under the emperor Augustus. Lecce is also called the "Florence of the South" and absolutely deserves a stop, to discover it on your own or by booking an interesting guided tour.

The most beautiful beaches of Salento

Salento is also called "the Maldives of Italy" because of its spectacular sea and its fabulous white beaches, which are in no way inferior to tropical seaside resorts. If you want to take a relaxing break during the tour, here are some of the beaches not to be missed.

Pescoluse, the "Maldives of Salento"

Pescoluse beach is considered one of the most beautiful in all of Puglia. Its fine white sand and shallow waters make it suitable for families with children. The beach is about four kilometers long and is very popular with tourists and locals.

Punta della Suina

Punta della Suina is known for the Caribbean sea and for the beautiful pine forest that surrounds it. The shallow waters make this lido a real swimming pool where you can cool off and relax. The beach is perfectly equipped, but there is also a free area.

Wild Port

Part of a natural park, Porto Selvaggio is an unmissable destination for those who like to rest in the shade of a pine forest. Located between Gallipoli and Porto Cesareo, the beach is made up of pebbles and rocks and the sea is of an intense blue colour.

Punta Prosciutto

One of the most beautiful in the world, Punta Prosciutto beach is surrounded by dunes and green vegetation. The beach is wild and has retained its natural charm, but there are also establishments that offer all the services so as not to give up comfort.

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