Why Choose Singapore Cruise Packages for Holiday Tours from Roaming Routes

by Anvika aryaNovember 21, 2022
singapore cruise holiday package

Singapore is a country of dreams. Tourists travel from around the globe to experience this place once in their lifetime. You can travel to Singapore via excellent cruise sailing across the glistening waters. Book your Singapore cruise holiday package from roaming routes for fantastic family time. Your holiday plan would be much more exclusive with us. You can get access to extravagance and experience the best out of this world. You can choose between day and night cruises thanks to the roaming routes' exceptional service. But before making your cruise travel arrangements, let's understand some of the basic things one should keep in mind.

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USPs of booking Singapore cruise holiday packages from roaming routes 

Singapore is, without a doubt, one of the most popular tourist destinations in singapore. But travelling to this place can be a little hectic. In that situation, one can travel via a Singapore cruise to have a meaningful journey. Your vacation will be more joyful thanks to the beautiful accommodations and cabins available in the lounges on the cruise trip organized by roaming routes. Additionally, you can also plan a romantic trip for your partner. Couples can also manage or book this cruise trip for their honeymoon. We provide you with basic amenities and a schedule to roam around the city as much as you want. 

Inclusions in Singapore cruise packages

Some of the perks available for tourists during the Singapore cruise holiday package are: 

  • You will be provided with all the accommodations, including breakfast. 
  • Now take advantage of all the sightseeing and transfers in the itinerary.
  • Special accommodations are available in hill stations unless stated in the brochure.  
  • Other services are available on request on the cruise trip to Singapore. 

The Singapore cruise holiday package wouldn't include some perks unless mentioned: 

  • The extra cost of flights/trains/buses or cable cars. 
  • Expenses of arrival or late departure
  • Meals other than breakfast
  • Entrance fees, camera fees, video charges, etc. 
  • Travel or medical insurance. 
  • Anything that is not mentioned in inclusions. 

Travel now and pay later with EMI from Roaming routes. 

There are so many repayment options, like EMI schemes, that make purchasing things easy. And you will be glad to know that you can travel now and pay for later plans. Travelling has never been so easy before. EMI travel version helps you buy goods and pay for them with EMIs. Travellers can now easily schedule or go on a vacation and spread out the payment for it; you are effectively taking out a loan or credit. We offer heavy discounts and schemes for first-time travellers and anyone looking for a credit option for a Singapore holiday tour. You can use this option to pay for airfare, cruise tickets, or accommodation. We only seek to satisfy our customers with such offers and significant savings. So why hold off on more? Book your tickets for the Singapore cruise holiday package. Trending Update News

Five places are included in the Singapore cruise package.

Singapore is heaven for travellers and couples. There are many places to visit and things to do in Singapore. From mouth-watering delicacies and shopping destinations to awestruck views, you can miss one thing or the other. Here is the list of places to include in your Singapore cruise holiday package. 

  • Merlion Park

Our first destination to visit in Singapore is called Merlion Park. You may have heard about a giant lion statue emblem representing this place. The Merlion's literal meaning is the lion of the seas. This lion city has a rich history and a unique story that has made this place even more famous. Merlion Park is one of the favourite places to travel in the city. The statue is 8.6 meters tall, overlooks Marina Bay, and is a must-see spot for every traveller. One can enjoy a picturesque photo session and picnic, admiring the sunset. 

  • Marina Bay Sands

Our next destination in the Singapore cruise package is Marina Bay islands. Marina Bay sees thousands of visitors every month due to the glistening shores offering a marvellous view intermingled with the glorious sunset. While exploring the Marina Bay islands, you can reside in the luxurious resort and nearby hotels. The island has state-of-the-art facilities with top-class bars and restaurants.  

  • Gardens by the Bay

If you want to see some unmatched greenery with unique flora and fauna, then head to the gardens by the bay. The city authorities designed and decorated the beautiful place, giving you a picturesque view of the sands and river with rich flora and fauna. You can also spot the world's tallest indoor waterfall, Cloud forest, among others, in this beautiful place. This destination is also famous among biodiversity lovers who want to see the Supertree Grove engineered to create a magical piece of art.  

  • China Town

Suppose you want to have some gala time with your family and friends, head to little China Town in the heart of the city. The place is bustling with college students, friends, and people who love Chinese cuisine. You can discover shacks selling hot dishes and long alleys jostling with small shacks selling souvenirs and mementos. You can start your day with a little Buddhist ceremony and have a great day with little money in your pocket.  

  • Sentosa Island

Our last destination in the Singapore cruise package is Sentosa Island. This is not exactly a beach destination but a small island country. Small islands are laden with seashores offering fun, adventurous activities to excite your heart. It is the best destination to sweat out and have fun with friends. You can enjoy beach volleyball or head to the seas for kayaking, surfing, or sea-boarding. The best thing about this place is the Underwater World which has gigantic aquariums for little kids to explore. 

Five activities are included in the Singapore cruise package. 

We all know what places to visit in our next Singapore cruise package. Singapore opens possibilities to explore endless adventurous activities, and there is so much to do in this city. Let's explore some of the activities you can try on your next Singapore tour. 

  • River Safari

The River Safari is a lesser-known gem in the crown and one of the most incredible things to do in Singapore with kids, even if Singapore Zoo and Night Safari steal the most of the spotlight when it comes to the wilder side. The wildlife park, which has a river theme, offers boat rides through some of the world's most stunning river jungles, including the Nile, Congo, and Amazon. The two gigantic pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia are this ride's charming attractions.

  • Nature Walk to Canning Hill

Take a nature stroll to discover more about Canning Hill's illustrious 700-year past. A historical museum is also located on the hill. One of the best things to do in Singapore is to take a nature walk at Canning Hill. Nature walks can be a great way to enjoy alone in bustling towns and cities.

  • Ice Skating

Ice skating is the perfect pastime to enjoy when on a honeymoon. Additionally, it will give you a way to escape the oppressive heat. Ice skating is also unquestionably entertaining to engage in while visiting Singapore. Ice skating offers a way to enjoy with partners while having a romantic time. 

  • Sentosa Island Tour

A romantic trip to Sentosa Island is the best way to spend your honeymoon. A resort island is Sentosa Island. The island has it all, including exotic bars, cable cars, and beaches with palm trees. Tiger Sky Tower is one of the most well-known tourist attractions on this island resort. Global Top Trend

  • Indoor Skydiving

One can skydive at iFly on Sentosa Island without dealing with the risks. In Singapore, it is a great time to do this. One can experience the rush of skydiving and see the South China Sea below them while being kept afloat by artificial gravity.


Travelling via a Singapore cruise can be an exciting experience and an opportunity to witness one in a lifetime. It would help if you always tried to choose a holiday cruise that ensures your vacation will be the most memorable. With Roaming Routes Singapore cruise holiday packages, you can make the most of your aircraft charter travel and do some exciting things. 

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