Skyrocket Your On-Demand Business By Purchasing Gojek Clone App

by Anvika aryaNovember 22, 2022
gojek clone app

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to launch an on-demand business that runs successfully and rakes in millions in profits, then there’s no better option than the Gojek Clone App. It is a multi-service app that will allow your users to book taxi rides within the city, order food & groceries, send parcels, etc. 

Well, the question is how to launch this ultra-modern app. As the app owner, you get the option to either purchase the solution or build it from scratch. 

Gojek Clone App

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Building the app from scratch 

If your goal is to skyrocket your profits and run a successful multi-service business, building the app from scratch seems out of the point. 

It is because when building the app from ground zero, you need to begin with designing the app, coding it, testing it for several months, and so on. The entire app development process takes more than a handful of years. 

That is a lot of time that an entrepreneur would spend on developing a single app! Moreover, the development process is way more expensive than simply purchasing a ready-made Gojek Clone App

Entrepreneurs may have to spend US$250,000 on the app if they start with a completely new development. 

Purchase a Ready-made Solution 

Purchasing a ready-made solution for your on-demand business makes more sense in today’s time because of many reasons like 

  • It is quick to develop and launch 
  • Requires only a small investment
  • It pre-integrates the most advanced features 
  • The app offers 101+ services 

Thus, you as the app owner can easily launch a multi-service business without stressing about the deadline or the quality! It is the mobile app development company that needs to worry about delivering the products on time or maintaining the quality of the app! 

Advantages of Purchasing the Gojek Clone App 

Purchasing a ready-made solution not only gives you the benefit of a quick business launch or money savings, but it also means that the app has already been rigorously tested. 

Although purchasing a pre-built Gojek Clone App may sound funny, a majority of entrepreneurs are doing it and are happy with the results. 

These are a handful of advantages that you’ll receive once you invest in the app. Have a look! 

Start selling quickly 

After purchasing the solution, the app developers take only 7 days to develop and launch the app on iOS and Android App Stores! 

In simpler words, your customers will be able to start booking the services and you would be able to sell more quickly! 

The less time you spend on developing the Gojek-like app, the more time you will be able to spend on earning money! 

One step ahead of competitors 

By launching the pre-built Gojek Clone App, you can remain on top of the competition because this app integrates some of the most popular features and services. 

For example, the list of advanced features of this app includes login with Face ID and Fingerprint, wallet-to-wallet transactions, live location tracking, etc. 

Moreover, the entire assortment includes 101+ services from different genres like on-demand services, taxi booking, hiring a personal shopper, and so on.

Increase customer base 

As the app owner, you must put effort into increasing your customer base, right?

Well, with this app, your efforts can be minimized because of the refer and earn feature. This feature enables the existing app user to share their invite code with their friends and family members. Using the code, people can register themselves on the app and book their first service. 

Once the new member books their first service, the existing customer gets the monetary rewards! This cycle can go on and on! Ultimately, you’d be able to gain more customers for your Gojek Clone App and simultaneously, make more sales. 

Get a white-labeled app 

Purchasing a pre-built solution means that you will also receive a white-labeled app! 

The app will contain your brand name and logo, the color theme that matches your logo, and even the languages, currencies, SMS & payment gateways that you prefer! 

All these benefits will be showered on you once you purchase the app. 

In Conclusion: 

Are you ready to rule the on-demand service industry and skyrocket your business? Well, it is time you purchase the Gojek Clone App from a white-labeling firm.

To ensure that the firm is genuine and has delivered quality products in the past, take a look at the video testimonials of their clients! 

Once you think this app’s perfect for you, place the order!

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