Some Interesting Things To Do In Fukuoka

by zoya aryaDecember 29, 2022,
Things to do in Fukuoka

Hakata, the economic and popular city, and Fukuoka, the gorgeous city west of the Naka River, were the two original cities. The two cities merged in 1889 to form what is today simply called Fukuoka.

The city served as a gateway for foreign invaders, especially Mongols. Who attempted several times to gain control of the Empire of the Rising Sun due to its location across from both Korea and China. Further, Fukuoka was on the route Kublai Khan's army took as they attempted to invade Japan in the 13th century. 

The city that is now the eighth largest in Japan is also a major administrative and commercial hub for the island of Kyushu. It is culturally rich and offers many interesting activities to do so. If you are willing to go there soon with family or friends. Without any doubt, start planning, book singapore airlines tickets in any class, and save up to 60% off on round trips on every flight. Take a look below to know more about this mesmerizing city.

Is everything in order for your trip to Japan? These things to do in Fukuoka are not to be missed under any circumstances.

A Look at the Market at Yanagibashi

The Yanagibashi Market, one of Fukuoka's most popular attractions, is about fifteen minutes away on foot from Hakata Station. The city's largest and most popular marketplace is best recognized for selling a wide variety of freshly caught fish. This is what makes the market so popular. 

Ramen yatai tasting

At night, the streets are lined with yatai, or little carts, from which various regional specialties are peddled. Nakasu and Tenjin are the most frequent areas to spot these carts. Oden, a Chinese noodle soup topped with veggies and fish patés, is another option. As is the famed Ramen, a Japanese noodle soup renowned for its broth. 


The Sumiyoshi Shrine on the island of Kyushu is dedicated to whichever god or goddess is responsible for protecting sailors. The Hakozaki Shrine is the next destination on your journey. Home to buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries. 

The Museum of Hakata Machiya Folk Art

Visit the Hakata Machiya Folk Art Museum, right across the street from the Kushida Shrine, to learn more about the city and the surrounding area. The Meiji and Taisho eras of Japanese history will be covered in detail in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

It's at Hakata Futoh, a Bay Area Hangout

As you enter the massive Bayside Place Hakata Futoh complex, please accept our heartfelt greetings. You may have a pleasant day here with your family or friends because there are plenty of things to do. Such as shopping, dining, exploring the waterfront on wooden pontoons, and seeing the massive column aquarium. Among the most prized spots among locals and tourists alike in Fukuoka!

In this building is the Asian Art Museum

Visit the Asian Arts Museum in Fukuoka to see one of the few museums that focuses on displaying modern art from Asia. The work of Burmese, Indian, Malaysian, and possibly Chinese artisans will blow your mind. As a minimum, you should see this if you're in Fukuoka.

Park Ohori

Are you in the mood to take the kids out for a brief bike ride or jog? If you have a beautiful summer day, you should take advantage of it by visiting Ohori Park, the largest park in the city. It's possible to take a walk of more than two kilometers around the magnificent pond that was built on the site of the castle's ruined medieval moats.

How to reach Fukuoka?

By air

Flights to Fukuoka, Tokyo route is one of the busiest in the world, with dozens of aircraft leaving each day. Fukuoka Airport, Japan's most accessible airport, is a quick subway ride (five minutes) from Hakata Station, the city's main train station.

By train

To get from Tokyo to Fukuoka, you can take the high-speed train known as the Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen (Hakata Station). Those with a Japan Rail Pass are restricted from riding the Nozomi trains and must instead board the more expensive Hikari or Sakura trains.

By road

Nishitetsu is behind the daily operation of a late-night bus between Fukuoka and Tokyo. The price ranges from 9,000 to 23,000 yen for a one-way ticket, with the latter number reflecting the higher quality of the seat and the earlier departure time. The trip takes 14.5 hours.


Fukuoka, a city with a history stretching back over two thousand years, has managed to preserve its historical and cultural traditions while evolving into a modern and bustling metropolis. Fukuoka is often cited as one of the most pleasant towns in Asia, making it an excellent choice for spending the holidays with loved ones. So why wait? Plan your trip with AirlinesMap to the Land of the Rising Sun today!

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