Former Trump lawyer testifies before grand jury

Former Trump lawyer testifies before grand jury as possible indictment looms


Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who alleges she had an affair with former President Donald Trump, met Wednesday with the investigators from the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, which is probing an alleged "hush money" payment made to her on Trump's behalf.

Clark Brewster, an attorney for Daniels, said that the meeting took place Wednesday and came at the request of prosecutors. 

"Stormy responded to questions and has agreed to make herself available as a witness, or for further inquiry if needed," Brewster wrote on Twitter. 

In her own tweet, Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, thanked her attorney for "helping me in our continuing fight for truth and justice." 

In the final days of the 2016 presidential campaign, Michael Cohen, former President Donald Trump's then-attorney, paid $130,000 to Daniels for her silence about the alleged affair. Cohen went to prison for campaign finance violations stemming from the payment to Daniels, and testified for a second time Wednesday before a grand jury investigating the matter.

Trump has denied having a sexual relationship with Daniels and said he has done nothing wrong. He has called the case "a political Witch-Hunt" and an "old, and rebuked case, which has been rejected by every prosecutor's office."

Cohen's testimony came about a week after the Manhattan prosecutor invited Trump to appear before the grand jury, an offer he will not accept, according to his attorney Joseph Tacopina. An invitation to testify often precedes an indictment in New York. 

"We, and most election law experts, believe [the case] is with absolutely no legal merit," Tacopina said Monday. 

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