Mega-retailer Target is now letting customers make in-person returns from the comfort of their cars in an effort to streamline the returns process for shoppers. 

"Want to make a product return even easier? You'll soon be able to skip the line or mailbox and pull right in — to your nearest Target Drive Up spot," the retailer said in a statement this week. 

The move comes after a successful trial of "Drive Up" purchase options at Target stores in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

The new policy can benefit consumers with kids or pets in tow, or those with disabilities for whom entering and exiting a vehicle can be more difficult and time-consuming, said Mark Schindele, Target's executive vice president and chief stores officer.

Customers also receive refunds on returned goods faster, because there's no shipping involved, and the retailer processes the returns immediately. The service is free to use. 

"Our journey to expand our fulfillment options starts with making it easier for our guests to shop with us," Schindele said. "Allowing our guests to process a return from the comfort of their car underscores our commitment to helping our guests shop — and return — however they choose."

The move is an extension of the "buy online, pickup in-store" — or BOPIS — retail offering that became popular among consumers during the pandemic because it allowed shoppers to browse inventory virtually and get their merchandise immediately without having to enter a physical retail store. 

Target said customers will be able to return products to stores from their cars at all of its 2,000 locations by the end of this summer.

Goods must be new and unopened to be eligible for return within 90 days of purchase. 

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