The History of Film Making

by Anvika aryaSeptember 5, 2020
The History of Film Making

Similar to the creation of the photographic camera, movies had numerous inventors beyond many decades. There is infrequently one single inventor in anything technological; the origin is often realized from the innovation of previous forms or ideas, often taking years of in-depth analysis.

From the time first test movies began to appear out of the labs of film creators from all around the globe, and joint production of movies began, film creators strived to grow their knowledge about the medium, search for new ways of storytelling, and to showcase attendees the wonders of the moving silver screen. With centuries of experience, the film industry endured to reinvent itself innumerable times, improving its fashion (sub-genre booms that occurred and went off) seemingly almost every decade of their history. 

Movies are a significant source of revenue for movie houses. Blockbuster, video on demand, Netflix, and others, have transformed how movie viewing is done. A simple search for movie titles online brings up millions of results, which can overwhelm some people. It can be testing to sort through the vast number of offerings, some of which are pretty bad. Luckily, we have self-help channels, such as movie review websites, that offer valuable insights from other viewers.

Universities and professional film institutes often give film education. Some independent filmmakers are passionate about preserving films and the art of film. They organize events, such as screenings and discussion groups, to help audiences understand the film more clearly. Many independent films are being produced by small, independent studios, which are more interested in creating a well-made film than maximizing its profit potential.

The world wars changed the landscape of cinema, and generations of moviegoers have developed very different attitudes toward how movies are made and viewed. People no longer like to look at naked bodies during film noir. Some of the classic, the most outstanding motion pictures ever made were released while the world was in an official state of war. Most of the best films of the 20th century are anti-war, or at least anti-tones toward war. Nowadays, people are more willing to accept eroticism and graphic sexual content.

Movie history is rich with examples of visionary filmmaking. Movies such as Lawrence of Arabia, Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Good Night, and Goodbye Mr. Killer helped shape the medium into today. Whether they won any Academy Awards or not, these movies are the benchmark for independent, artistic motion pictures. We can only wish that the next generation of moviegoers will produce as much original work as those who came before us.

Movies have changed over time. What was popular in our day may be completely banned in another, decades later. Film noir, which includes early film Noir and films about organized crime, is making a comeback. Noir and other" Noir" type films are movies with complex characters and compelling plots that are "funny" to watch. We can only assume that wherever the reel industry takes us, it would be an exhilarating ride now that technology is developing rapidly.

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